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01:09 PM OpenNebula Bug #3817 (Closed): migrating vm's to a different cluster
* [VirtualMachineMigrate] Cannot migrate to a different cluster.
* VM running in a host in cluster [100]
* New ho...
01:05 PM OpenNebula Bug #3816 (Closed): templates should be shareable between clusters
* Image is bound to datastore
* Datastore is bound to cluster
* Thus TEMPLATE is bound to a cluster
--> lots of...
01:03 PM OpenNebula Bug #3815 (Closed): possible to give lease that is not in network
As we managed the hosts, we recognized that chosing a wrong lease was possible.
The view should only show possibl...
12:59 PM OpenNebula Bug #3814 (Closed): directory is not created automatically
I create a new datastore on a new cluster on the webui.
The store would not be created automatically on the cluste...


06:09 PM OpenNebula Bug #3810 (Closed): Wrong view of datastore capacity
After creating a new cluster with it's own datastores there is a bug in the view of their capacity.
The new datast...

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