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11:27 PM OpenNebula Bug #493: Weak secuirty model in OpenNebula
HTTPS proxy can be used to address the first issue, the other two still remain:
* Passwords should not be stored i...
04:09 AM OpenNebula Feature #494 (Closed): Session tokens to avoid costly authentication
When using external authentication mechanisms (e.g. LDAP), the authentication process can be computationally expensiv...
04:07 AM OpenNebula Bug #493 (Closed): Weak secuirty model in OpenNebula
I consider the current security and especially authentication model used in OpenNebula as weak as:
* All RPC reque...
03:59 AM OpenNebula Feature #492 (Closed): OpenNebudla Federated / Hybrid cloud
I'd like to federate or create a hybrid cloud based on multiple OpenNebula clouds. Currently it is only able to build...
03:57 AM OpenNebula Request #491 (Closed): Virtual Network support for clusters in different subnets
I have cloud nodes in different TCP/IP sub-nets. I have 2 clusters each including all nodes of a sub-net. VMs need to...
03:44 AM OpenNebula Bug #490 (Closed): State diagram documentation seems incmplete
The state diagram (
03:37 AM OpenNebula Feature #489 (Closed): Customize "saveas" image saving command to cater for special format needs
Currently, the code to save images to the repository on "saveas" seems to be hard-coded. In some cases it is essentia...
03:28 AM OpenNebula Bug #350: Core method saveas should check VM consistency
regarding (1), I don't think the image should be deleted; it may contain work which has not been saved otherwise. May...
03:25 AM OpenNebula Feature #351: Image hook should not be executed in deleted images
If "saveas" is no longer done on "delete" there must be another fail-save way to get "saveas" executed from any state...


01:23 AM OpenNebula Bug #335: Improve Unkown State Management
It would also be good if CPU and memory allocations would be marked as free when a VM is in this state. E.g. I have v...

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