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11:50 AM OpenNebula Backlog #332: PostgreSQL support
I finally wrote the PostgreSQL driver for ONE, see the attached patch.
Fixed a number of SQL statements so it will wo...


05:19 PM OpenNebula Request #163: Hash password in $ONE_AUTH file
I wrote a patch which will let you use sha1 encrypted password in the ONE_AUTH file also for ec2 and occi.
I now thi...
10:52 AM OpenNebula Request #163: Hash password in $ONE_AUTH file
Why not using the sha1 encrypted string?
The only thing you need then is a user command to generate the sha1 strin...


09:09 PM OpenNebula Bug #176: Model not showing up for NIC
I had the same problem, and I fixed this issue.
The problem is that they replaced the template nic information with ...

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