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Hash password in $ONE_AUTH file

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Password are stored in plain text in the $ONE_AUTH file. This file is protected through the standard UNIX file permission mechanism. However, as proposed by Shi Jin in the mailing list, a hashed password makes it a lot harder for somebody to remember the password with a quick glimpse of the file.

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#1 Updated by Jeroen Nijhof over 11 years ago

Why not using the sha1 encrypted string?

The only thing you need then is a user command to generate the sha1 string which can be used in your ONE_AUTH file. Something like 'oneuser gensha1 <password>' the output sha1 string can then be used in your ONE_AUTH file like 'username:<generated sha1 string>'.

#2 Updated by Jeroen Nijhof over 11 years ago

I wrote a patch which will let you use sha1 encrypted password in the ONE_AUTH file also for ec2 and occi.
I now this isn't a solution but it's far more better then a plain text password.

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Using hashed passwords can be done in version 2.0 using the "plain" prefix:


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