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11:55 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3195: appmarket-worker for simple OVA import without a market
That would have been a helpful feat. And it seems 3 years of backlog has made sure it's had time to rest.
Can we t...


10:48 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2827: Hypervisor-side block device cache management
Hi Stuart,
I've had the same issues with ssd-cached disk backends of other types.
I'd love to try out at least a ...


09:32 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2043: Adding MacVTap Driver
This is a standard feature on SR-IOV enabled nics by now.
Would be wonderful if it got implemented after 4 years :(


10:13 PM OpenNebula Request #5226 (Pending): Security Group implementation is partial / incomplete :(
I hadn't noticed this until recent, but it seems there's a some work left when comparing ONEs security groups ...


03:25 AM OpenNebula Feature #3053: Multi-Queue virtio-scsi
Could someone look at this? it has major performance impact and virtio-scsi is also needed for trim to work as far as...


11:05 PM OpenNebula Request #2111: make thousands of vagrant "box"es importable
I came back to this. The opennebula provider can start templates in OpenNebula, nothing else.
There's also a...


10:20 PM OpenNebula Backlog #569: Support for Nagios with the Information manager
Tino Vázquez wrote:
> This answer needs of sysadmins in production data centers.
Can you rewrite this so it's mor...


09:16 PM OpenNebula Request #2111: make thousands of vagrant "box"es importable
I think that makes a lot sense (but is another topic)
Quick to use interfaces could give Opennebula more reputation ...


11:17 AM OpenNebula Request #2111 (Pending): make thousands of vagrant "box"es importable
I want to propose a feature that allows importing premade virtual machine images that have been prepared using...


01:12 PM OpenNebula Bug #1743: Documetation / Marketplace: vbox sandbox appliance feedback
Close top the point...
They can find those credentials in the guide pointed by step 4 (http://opennebula.org/clo...

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