Request #4281

Flow wizard: the VM template search box of roles should be filled with content of the previous one

Added by EOLE Team over 5 years ago.

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When adding roles to a service, the user:

  • fill the search box to narrow the VM template list
  • select the wanted VM template
  • click on +Add another role
  • the search box is empty

Sunstone could remember the content of the last search box and fill the search box of the new role with it to avoid maximum of keystrokes.

If templates are named consistently, the user:

  • will enter the common part of several templates, for example app-foo which returns all the VM templates related to application foo (app-foo-frontend, app-foo-db, app-foo-backend, …)
  • select the app-foo-db and configure the role
  • click on +Add another role
  • select the app-foo-backend, define app-foo-db as parent and configure the role
  • click on +Add another role
  • select the app-foo-frontend, define app-foo-backend as parent and configure the role


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