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5559BugPendingNormalCannot authenticate via LDAP with :group setFlorent Peyraud
5526BugPendingNormalCeph volatile disksAnton Zubkov
5515BugPendingNormalYou can download app from marketplace in LOCKED stateelder one
5489BugPendingNormalno feedback when creating a service with missing networkMarkus van Dijk
5469BugPendingNormalservices instances view, table columns names are in wrong orderEdouard Bourguignon
5463BugPendingNormalHost selection in VM template not visibleStefan Kooman
5426BugPendingNormalSunstone: large file uploadSándor Ács
5339BugPendingNormalImprove exception handling azure and ec2 driversSergio Semedi
5232BugPendingNormalNoVNC is fully unuseful with live resizing of desktop (spice)kvaps kvaps
5115BugPendingNormalLibvirt VNC settings can create conflicts with other processesArmin Deliomini
5101BugPendingHighError symlinking to a block device using /dev/disk/by-path/Nicolas Belan
5010BugPendingNormalnetwork traffic leaks during VM live-migration when using openvswitch driverStefan Kooman
4984BugPendingNormalonedb fsck does not detect discrepancy between UID / GID in database for resources (XML)Stefan Kooman
4956BugPendingNormalQoS parameters defined in VN not overwriten by defined in VMKristian Feldsam
4879BugPendingNormaldropdown menu for selecting main group for users does not update correctly until you hit reset buttonLorenzo Faleschini
4861BugPendingLowDisplay CPU total_cpu value燚 侯
4859BugPendingNormalSize should be an optional argument for SOURCE-based images of OS typeHector Sanjuan
4835BugPendingNormalopennebula says the disk image is not in qcow2 format but it is.Gunwoo Gim
4660BugPendingNormalVM template special characters Emil Öhgren
4649BugPendingHighthe vbs file for Windows contextualization has got an error or the documentation is wrong.Gunwoo Gim
4627BugPendingNormalonetemplate instantiate --persistent problem with image SOURCEMiloš Kozák
4576BugPendingNormal[VirtualNetworkReserve] No VN_MAD in template for Virtual Network.Stefan Kooman
4543BugPendingNormalProtecting variables in contextEOLE Team
4379BugPendingNormalONE_AUTH variable not honored by x509 loginDaniel Kouril
4244BugPendingNormaleuca-describe-instances returns UnsupportedOperationValerio Schiavoni

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