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5349RequestPendingNormalVM Save As - ability to select DS to which image have to be saved
5310RequestPendingNormalMake column order configurable
5259RequestPendingNormalmanage templates by group
5231RequestPendingNormal[spice] add native remote-viewer (virt-viewer) support
5226RequestPendingNormalSecurity Group implementation is partial / incomplete :(
5084RequestPendingLowConsider redesign or new Azure driver to support Resource Manager infrastructure
5025RequestPendingNormalEyeOS spice web client as spice client in Suntone
5023RequestPendingNormalVirtual Routers Configuration Enhancements
5016RequestPendingNormalAllow the creation of Virtual Networks without addresses
4946RequestPendingNormalEnable password strength checking
4945RequestPendingNormalMake log output configurable for all services
4877RequestPendingNormalCombine ceph system and image datastores
4876RequestPendingNormalAllow clusters to share hosts
4851RequestPendingNormalService VM "drain" before terminate
4817RequestPendingNormalLimit number of disk/system snapshot
4729RequestPendingNormalHave access to the oned log from sunstone
4721RequestPendingNormalI want to give my kvm guests the freedom to have an independent RTC value
4717RequestPendingNormalAdd progress bar when import disk from path
4676RequestPendingNormalImages inherit attributes from their datastore
4616RequestPendingNormalSharing resources with a list of users instead of the whole group
4589RequestPendingLowSorting by "Used Cpu" "Used Memory"
4522RequestPendingNormalDo not "click" in Sunstone when selecting text
4338RequestPendingNormalpossibility to integrate minio in Opennebula
4303RequestPendingNormaladd possibility to comment on actions
4066RequestPendingNormalCustom attributes for network section (NIC) in VM template

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