Bug #4494

VM internal UUID is changing every time VM is powered up

Added by Rolandas Naujikas about 5 years ago.

Status:PendingStart date:05/27/2016
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Category:Core & System
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Affected Versions:OpenNebula 4.14


At least in KVM and Xen VM UUID, as seen with dmidecode, is changing every time VM is powered up.
If we are using some software in VM, licensed per machine UUID, that could cause problems.

Solution would be to generate UUID at VM creation time and keep it persistent in VM lifetime.

As a workaround we can add for KVM

RAW = [
  TYPE = "kvm",
  DATA = "<uuid>564d0a8b-f8de-ce9a-ecc2-cf7ebc0e4c83</uuid>" 

or for Xen
RAW = [
  TYPE = "xen",
  DATA = "uuid='564d0a8b-f8de-ce9a-ecc2-cf7ebc0e4c83'" 

but there are no way to generate and set it up in opennebula hooks.

P.S. For imported VMware VM it is preserved.

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