Bug #5553

EC2 target (host) can't be added via Sunstone

Added by Vlastimil Holer over 3 years ago.

Status:PendingStart date:11/15/2017
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Affected Versions:OpenNebula 5.4.2


EC2 target (host) can't be added via Sunstone, fails on the syntax error. For example:

[one.host.update] Cannot update template. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected CBRACKET, expecting VARIABLE at line 5, columns xxx:yyy

(with the credentials used for the testing)

When configuring the EC2 target via CLI (onehost create), everything is fine.

Screenshot at 2017-11-15 16-04-28.png (65.2 KB) Vlastimil Holer, 11/15/2017 03:11 PM

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