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3364BugClosedNormalzendesk_api >= 1.5 does not work with ruby 1.8.7Javi Fontan11/18/2014 02:37 PM
3363BugClosedNormalNew flow template wizard fails in advanced modeDaniel Molina11/18/2014 12:36 PM
3361BugClosedNormalAdd missing datastore attrs in the creation wizardDaniel Molina11/19/2014 10:37 AM
3360BugClosedNormalupdate the ceph datastore creation dialog with the new attributesDaniel Molina11/17/2014 05:56 PM
3359BugClosedNormalthe Pool Name option in the ceph datastore creation dialog is not properly shownDaniel Molina11/17/2014 05:56 PM
3354BugClosedNormalldap_auth is unable to resolv group membershipJavi Fontan11/18/2014 12:42 PM
3353BugClosedNormalVM sometimes gets to running state after poweroffCarlos Martín11/17/2014 05:20 PM
3352BugClosedNormalnew datablocks do not appear in the attach-disk dialog, you have to refresh the whole pageCarlos Martín11/17/2014 05:05 PM
3350BugClosedNormalACL create server exceptionCarlos Martín11/17/2014 06:09 PM
3348BugClosedHightooltips in oneflow don't closeDaniel Molina11/13/2014 05:34 PM
3346BugClosedHighShow vCenter and Hybrid IPs in cloud viewDaniel Molina11/13/2014 05:54 PM
3344BugClosedHighRewrite hybrid section in the vOneCloud docsTino Vázquez11/14/2014 04:15 PM
3343BugClosedHighEnable ntp sync or retrieve date using the vmware tools in the vOneCloud ovaJaime Melis11/14/2014 02:45 PM
3342BugClosedHighQuotas are not applied to users created through vdcadmin viewDaniel Molina11/13/2014 04:31 PM
3338BugClosedHighHost label graphs are not correctly shown for cpu and memoryDaniel Molina11/18/2014 12:27 PM
3334BugClosedNormalvcenter driver fails when sending multiple actionsJavi Fontan11/17/2014 11:34 AM
3332BugClosedNormalAttach non-persistent disks does not work for cephJaime Melis11/17/2014 03:42 PM
3331FeatureClosedNormalEncrypt password of VCenter hosts in templates Tino Vázquez11/19/2014 11:56 AM
3327FeatureClosedNormalvsphere_driver does not search for templates recursivelyTino Vázquez11/14/2014 07:28 PM
3326BugClosedNormalshowback: Month name is not shown in the individual tableCarlos Martín11/13/2014 10:37 PM
3325BugClosedNormalshowback: some months are reported as undefinedCarlos Martín11/13/2014 10:37 PM
3323FeatureClosedHighCustomize Sunstone with vOneCloud logoJaime Melis11/18/2014 01:09 PM
3322BugClosedNormalSunstone missing dependencies on Debian WheezyJaime Melis11/14/2014 04:44 PM
3320BugClosedNormalHardcoded path of /usr/bin/false, used by econe serverJaime Melis11/14/2014 04:58 PM
3319BugClosedHighUser inputs that contain spaces breaks OneFlowCarlos Martín11/18/2014 12:14 PM

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