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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
504FeatureClosedNormalAdd richer information and graphs to the extended info panelsJaime Melis07/19/2011 04:08 PM
496BugClosedNormaltm_lvm does not obtain the VM ID correctlyJaime Melis07/20/2011 04:36 PM
478FeatureClosedNormalInstall Hooks in remotes Jaime Melis02/03/2011 12:29 PM
476FeatureClosedHighAdd OpenVSwitch managementJaime Melis07/12/2011 02:39 PM
466BugClosedNormalUpdate ubuntu context scriptsJaime Melis02/10/2011 11:34 AM
456BugClosedNormalThe build process should take into account the LDFLAGS environment variableJaime Melis01/12/2011 05:58 PM
412BugClosedNormaloneadmin does not have permissions to touch /usr/lib/one/remotesJaime Melis11/19/2010 04:13 PM
409FeatureClosedNormaloned, mm_sched, et al. logging feature enhancementsJaime Melis11/12/2012 10:50 PM
400BugClosedNormaltm_context fails for ssh with system-wide installJaime Melis11/19/2010 01:59 PM
399BugClosedNormalNewer versions of Libvirt require the arch attributeJaime Melis11/13/2010 01:15 AM
397BugClosedNormalone erases logs instead of appendingJaime Melis11/12/2010 04:07 PM
394FeatureClosedNormaloned rc scriptJaime Melis12/21/2010 07:48 PM
393BugClosedNormalopennebula spec file change: %files sectionJaime Melis12/08/2010 10:08 AM
385BugClosedLowmads/one_im_ssh.rb not coping files to the hostJaime Melis11/19/2010 04:15 PM
382BugClosedNormalISO tmp path for context does not work in system wide installationsJaime Melis11/12/2010 12:12 PM
380BugClosedNormalSCRIPTS_REMOTE_DIR does not work in system wide modeJaime Melis11/12/2010 12:13 PM
376BugClosedNormalUbuntu package should depend on mkisofsJaime Melis03/14/2011 12:24 PM
337BugClosedNormalImprove RPM PackagingJaime Melis07/14/2011 12:57 PM
334BugClosedNormalTansfer Manager driver should not get VMDIR from oned.confJaime Melis09/02/2010 05:30 PM
333BugClosedNormalone start script does not parse PORT correctlyJaime Melis09/02/2010 04:46 PM
307FeatureClosedNormalimprove efficiency of IM and VMM by moving the probes and scripts to the worker nodesJaime Melis10/07/2010 11:55 AM
284BugClosedNormalDefault image repository PathJaime Melis09/15/2010 03:22 PM
255BugClosedNormaltransfer managers assume PATH settingJaime Melis09/24/2010 12:43 PM
252BugClosedNormalOpenNebula shutdown check in 1.4 for KVM is harmfulJaime Melis08/03/2010 11:08 AM
244FeatureClosedNormalNetwork interface statistics for KVMJaime Melis03/13/2011 11:24 PM
186BugClosedNormalone stop does not kill onedJaime Melis07/21/2011 11:31 AM
185BugClosedNormalAdd README fileJaime Melis10/21/2010 04:05 PM
165BugClosedNormalUse cdrom type for context block devicesJaime Melis10/28/2009 08:59 PM
151BugClosedNormalRPM package does not create oneadmin accountJaime Melis09/11/2009 12:55 PM
147BugClosedNormalMove madcommon.shJaime Melis09/25/2009 06:03 PM
134BugClosedNormalPermissions on Default Lockfile Make Running oned Under Unprivileged User ImpossibleJaime Melis12/11/2009 05:49 PM
131BugClosedNormalKVM driver checkpoints files as rootJaime Melis10/21/2009 02:37 PM
128BugClosedNormalCoherent Command Line messaagesJaime Melis09/22/2009 11:25 AM
121BugClosedNormalCompilation testsJaime Melis09/22/2009 06:53 PM
94FeatureClosedHighvmcontext Script Centos/Red Hat DistributionsJaime Melis09/17/2009 05:45 PM
32FeatureClosedHighONE should support block devicesJaime Melis10/21/2009 08:12 PM
21FeatureClosedNormalProvide a testing Virtual MachineJaime Melis10/29/2009 07:08 PM

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