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4114BugClosedNormalDatatable warning for vm capacityCarlos Martín11/03/2015 05:29 PM
4113BugClosedNormalInstance type description text is cut shortCarlos Martín11/06/2015 03:07 PM
4104BugClosedNormalWhen updating quotas: sliders do not change the input valuesCarlos Martín10/28/2015 03:29 PM
4100BugClosedNormalNew user wizard: inputs for quotas cannot be editedCarlos Martín10/28/2015 03:29 PM
4098BugClosedNormalFix quota percentages in cloud view dashboardCarlos Martín10/27/2015 03:09 PM
4080BugClosedNormalCheck if new VMs can be instantiated using templates with a RAW section11/06/2015 11:37 AM
4071BugClosedNormalDefault name for new services is not consistent across viewsCarlos Martín11/02/2015 02:03 PM
4053BugClosedNormalUnable to use service templates from cloud viewCarlos Martín11/06/2015 11:56 AM
3960BugClosedNormalUpdate password not working in cloud viewDaniel Molina09/04/2015 08:38 AM
3877FeatureClosedNormalAdd hybrid + vCenter monitoring informatoin in Cloud ViewAbel Coronado07/06/2017 02:24 PM
3836BacklogClosedNormalEnable fine tunning of buttons in cloud view12/02/2015 04:23 PM
3799BugClosedNormalMissing VM states in cloud view07/30/2015 02:14 PM
3679BugClosedNormalAssign cost for each role based on the cardinalityDaniel Molina03/12/2015 03:13 PM
3617BugClosedNormalshowback features are missing from vcenter yaml filesCarlos Martín02/19/2015 05:03 PM
3609BugClosedNormalFlow services do not replace the whole panelDaniel Molina02/20/2015 04:56 PM
3506BugClosedNormalWhen adding multiples interfaces and not selecting any network no error should be sentDaniel Molina01/16/2015 05:14 PM
3505BugClosedNormalChange capacity background is changed when closedDaniel Molina03/03/2015 03:12 PM
3504BugClosedNormalDatatable not defined when trying to initalize the select filterDaniel Molina01/19/2015 05:06 PM
3503BugClosedNormalCustom attrs are not removed when selecting a different templateDaniel Molina01/19/2015 04:13 PM
3420BugClosedNormalVM cost is not properly truncated in showbackDaniel Molina01/19/2015 05:01 PM
3414FeatureClosedNormalMake more actions usable in cloud viewDaniel Molina11/06/2015 12:13 PM
3371FeatureClosedNormalNew user wizard makes quotas mandatoryCarlos Martín01/08/2015 12:53 PM
3370BugClosedHighChange cardinality button does not workDaniel Molina11/21/2014 05:08 PM
3369BugClosedHighvdcadmin button to change other user's password does not workDaniel Molina11/21/2014 06:12 PM
3367BugClosedLowSaved templates filter should use also owner of the template04/25/2016 08:35 AM

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