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Display list of VM using an image

Added by Daniel Dehennin over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I'm managing some images used for testing, users just have to instanciate a template to get a new test environment.

From time to time, I update the image:

  1. remove group use permission
  2. set persistent
  3. start a VM
  4. update the VM
  5. shutdown the VM
  6. unset persistent
  7. add group use permission

I can not do this when the image is marked as used.

The CLI and sunstone show me how many VM are using the image but I have no way to list them to plan an update with the corresponding users.

The list of leases display the VM ID for each lease, is it possible to do something similar for images.


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Added by Daniel Molina almost 7 years ago

feature #2358: Display list of VM using an image


#1 Updated by Carlos Martín over 7 years ago


What version are you using? The CLI does show the list of VMs using an image in the 'oneimage show' output.

Sunstone does not show them, though, maybe we should consider adding it.


#2 Updated by Daniel Dehennin over 7 years ago

The CLI test was done on a 3.8 at work.

On my personal 4.2, the cli show the list of VMs using an image.

+1 for adding it to sunstone ;-)


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OK. Moving this for 4.6.THANKS!

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