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Ceph Transfer Manager Drivers -- Bridge List

Added by Bill Campbell almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Currently, the Ceph TM drivers utilize the target host for manipulation of Ceph images. This works well when not using CephX authentication on currently supported versions of Ceph, and works well if the key and ceph.conf are copied to each Hypervisor node. However, with the current Ceph Datastore setup (with Libvirt Secret generation) the key and ceph.conf are not required to be copied to the hypervisor node (as Libvirt has all of the information it needs to authenticate with the cluster).

My request/recommendation is to modify the TM drivers for Ceph to utilize the Bridge List that is configured and utilized for the DS drivers. This would help keep the configurations consolidated and limit the number of nodes where the Ceph cluster configuration and authentication keys would need to be distributed.



#1 Updated by Bill Campbell almost 7 years ago

In addition, making this modification should not impact those clusters that do NOT use CephX authentication, as the BRIDGE_LIST parameters are required now for Ceph Datastores.

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