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Managing hundred of remote OpenNebula in a central console

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During our Paris 2015 techDay slot we expressed our interest in managing lot of remote OpenNebula from a central console.

The use case in french national education is the following:

  • a central IT team deploy 1 or 2 nodes OpenNebula in schools
  • someone in the schools is responsible to manage the VMs (cloud view for start/stop)
  • the central IT guys want to manage the schools OpenNebula in a central console

The central IT guys should be able to perform the same actions through this console as if they were on the remote OpenNebula sunstone.

The federation is not possible since hundred of Zones in Sunstone is not manageable.

Having one Sunstone and managing remote OpenNebula as cluster is not possible for two reasons:

  • frontend must share the datastores with the nodes
  • manager in the schools must be capable of managing the VMs even if the connection with the outside is down

I think we really need a dedicated view, like an OpenNebula meta-administrator, we now have Virtual Data Center, we may need Meta Virtual Data Center ;-)

The dashboard of this view could show an aggregated informations, with the remote OpenNebula having a status like the Hosts in the admin dashboard.

It could be seen as a new federation view but it should work without the federation.

Without the federation a dedicated serveradmin like users must be created in the remote OpenNebulas and configured on the central console to connect to them.


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One things that could be useful too are

  • be able to perform actions on a group of remote OpenNebula. For example, we centrally provide a new version of an appliance on our Market, then we deploy it on all the remote OpenNebula.
  • be able to Start a VM on behalf of a user (#3738). The VM started should have the context of a remote user.


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