Bug #4304

AltGr Key not working in vnc-console with KVM and german keyboard

Added by Peter Loeffler over 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:01/21/2016
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Target version:Release 5.4
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Affected Versions:Development, OpenNebula 4.14, OpenNebula 5.0



the key AltGr (right alt key) is not working in the vnc-console.
This is very bad for users with a german keymap because without it no @, |, \, {, }, ... is working.
Googling this problem with novnc and kvm you can find a lot of notes but none of them are helping.
From the novnc-side this issue should be fixed since 0.5.1. Maybe it's a libvirt/qemu problem.



#1 Updated by Steffen Limmer about 5 years ago


i have the same problem (using iceweasel 38.6.1). I tried to debug the noVNC code and found the following lines in the keyboard.js from noVNC:

// Firefox sends keypress even when no char is generated.
// so, if keypress keysym is the same as we'd have guessed from keydown,
// the modifier didn't have any effect, and should not be escaped
if (queue[0].escape && (!cur.keysym || cur.keysym.keysym !== queue[0].keysym.keysym)) {
cur.escape = queue[0].escape;

When i comment this out and run Sunstone in development mode, AltGr is working for me.
Additionally, there is no problem with AltGr when i connect with vncviewer. So it seems to be an issue with noVNC?
Hope, this information will help to fix the bug.

Kind Regards,

#2 Updated by Daniel Molina about 5 years ago

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Hi Steffen,

Thank you for the detailed solution. Since this is not part of the Sunstone code, would you mind to report this issue in the noVNC Github?

#3 Updated by Steffen Limmer about 5 years ago

Hello Daniel,

i opened an issue (https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC/issues/595). But there is already a quite similar issue, that was closed (https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC/issues/429).


#4 Updated by Yannick MOLINET almost 5 years ago

same with french keyboard.

#5 Updated by Carlos Martín almost 5 years ago

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To consider:

- novnc can be updated, but the new version may require some changes in our code (see: https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC/releases)
- our current version (0.5.1) can be replaced with the fork mentioned here: https://github.com/kanaka/noVNC/issues/21

In both cases it looks like removing the graphics/keymap attribute from libvirt's xml is required to make it work.

#6 Updated by Tino Vázquez over 4 years ago

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#7 Updated by Javi Fontan about 4 years ago

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The patch suggested by Steffen Limmer works and will be applied in newer releases.

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