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vCenter :: VM Datastore initial placement

Added by Carlos Cesario almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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It would be interesting add support to choose where the Instance/VM disk will be placed.
Currently the Instance/VM starts on base template reside.
By example, my vMware templates are located on NFS (low performance) datastore, and my "Production datastore" are located in SAN volumes.
Or by example, if we have Tier Datastores, currently the end user cannot choose the SSD tier by example. Only if templates are located on SSD datastore, and also in this case DRS cannot help, because end user need choose manually which datarastore he acquired.

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#1 Updated by Tino Vázquez almost 5 years ago

This feature is already supported. You can select which Datastore to run the VM using the VCENTER_DATASTORE tag in the template:


This can be fixed or delegated to the user (see attached screenshot, from the VM Template update dialog)

#2 Updated by Carlos Cesario almost 5 years ago

Hi Tino, thank you by your explanation about it.

I already had looked these options, but, imagine the folowing:

USER1 - can has rights to both datastores: eg. ssd_ds and default_ds
USER2 - can has rights only to default_ds

Both users usage the same template and others templates.
In case of USER2, it is ok, because the VM always will be instantiated on default_ds.

But USER1, how can he choose where teamplete1 will be placed on ssd_ds and template2 will be placed on default_ds (or vice versa).

Remembering that these tasks are done by end user (like a Cloud Operator).

Does not better choose it on instantiated process!? Since the user has rights on datastore.

Thanks in advance.


#3 Updated by Tino Vázquez almost 5 years ago

Yes, this can be delegated to user, using the Provide on Instantiation option (see attached)

#4 Updated by Carlos Cesario almost 5 years ago

Hi Tino,

Excellent!!! Very nice... Thank you!
I will provide more tests with this :)


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