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320BugClosedNormalVM stays in boot state when the hypervisor doesn't start properly09/04/2010 03:22 PM
271RequestClosedHighdata structures used in openebula documentation07/19/2010 06:28 PM
269BugClosedNormalopennebula live migration problem06/25/2010 12:12 AM
177BugClosedHighOpenNebula does not work in systemwide installationJavi Fontan12/11/2009 05:08 PM
176BugClosedNormalModel not showing up for NIC12/15/2009 06:13 PM
172BugClosedNormalScheduler does not sort prioritiesRuben S. Montero11/02/2009 11:07 PM
170BugClosedNormalone start requires old ONE_AUTH10/29/2009 06:42 PM
169BugClosedNormalexecutive permission of tm_context.sh10/29/2009 06:38 PM
167FeatureClosedNormalAdd a "on done" hookRuben S. Montero10/28/2009 09:02 PM
166BugClosedNormalFix VM_ID references in configuration filesRuben S. Montero10/28/2009 09:13 PM
162BugClosedNormalAdapt the OCCI cloud interface to the new librariesTino Vázquez10/29/2009 12:25 PM
161BugClosedNormalTM NFS scripts try to copy to remote VM_DIR in the frontendJavi Fontan10/27/2009 02:58 PM
160BugClosedNormalShutdown Hooks for isolating networksJavi Fontan10/27/2009 12:48 PM
159BugClosedNormal[OCCI] asking for unknown resource sends garbage to clientTino Vázquez10/06/2009 03:30 PM
158BugClosedNormalDemonize OCCI serverTino Vázquez10/15/2009 04:05 PM
153FeatureClosedNormalEnhance econe-server (start/stop and logs)Javi Fontan10/21/2009 02:35 PM
151BugClosedNormalRPM package does not create oneadmin accountJaime Melis09/11/2009 12:55 PM
149BugClosedNormalUpdate the EC2 code to the new version of the EC2 tools librariesJavi Fontan09/18/2009 12:05 PM
147BugClosedNormalMove madcommon.shJaime Melis09/25/2009 06:03 PM
142FeatureClosedNormalDesktop Installation of Client Cloud ToolsTino Vázquez10/23/2009 05:08 PM
140FeatureClosedNormalUser credentials should be stored in a fileTino Vázquez10/20/2009 07:54 PM
138FeatureClosedNormalebtables script for kvmJavi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM
137BugClosedNormalEC2Query API does not work in system-wide installationJavi Fontan10/30/2009 01:02 PM
136BugClosedNormalScheduler shouldn't try to place VMs in Hosts in Error stateRuben S. Montero10/09/2009 02:37 PM
135BugClosedNormalONE_AUTH Password Containing Period Is Different For Hash Stored In Database Than Hash Created When Running CommandsJavi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM

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