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3294BugClosedHighhybrid tab not available in vcenter view in the template creation dialogDaniel Molina11/13/2014 10:38 PM
3243FeatureClosedNormalremove opensuse from the documentationTino Vázquez10/30/2014 04:15 PM
3157FeatureClosedNormalDo not overwrite the files under /var/lib/one/.one_auth during bootstrap if they exist01/30/2015 08:48 PM
3156FeatureClosedNormalAllow for a different BRIDGE depending on the vnm driver in use by the hostJaime Melis10/07/2014 05:56 PM
3128BugClosedNormalnoVNC not working properly in Ruby 1.8.7Jaime Melis08/03/2014 09:21 AM
3051FeatureClosedNormalUse ONEGATE_AUTH in OneGate to authenticate with OneFlowDaniel Molina07/23/2014 10:18 AM
3030BugClosedNormalgem requirements for the oneflow are not documentedJaime Melis07/30/2014 11:50 AM
3025BugClosedNonetop controls in the individual vm view are not visibleDaniel Molina07/18/2014 04:44 PM
3024BugClosedNormaloneflow template creation not working with the new csrftoken fixJaime Melis07/09/2014 02:51 PM
3021FeatureClosedHighallow only oneadmin to run onehost syncJaime Melis05/26/2015 10:17 AM
3016BugClosedNormalremove csrftoken from the body as soon as the request is authorizedDaniel Molina07/23/2014 01:42 PM
2993FeatureClosedNormaldocument support for sysprep and windows 2012 for the context scriptsJavi Fontan07/08/2014 02:56 PM
2979BugClosedHighcsrf vulnerability in sunstone06/12/2014 11:14 AM
2961BugClosedNormalreview nic attach with 802.1Q12/27/2016 11:29 PM
2960BugClosedNormalCeph TM delete action does not handle CDROM properlyRuben S. Montero07/08/2014 10:22 PM
2958FeatureClosedHighIntroduce an admin operation to recover failed vms back to running stateJaime Melis05/08/2015 04:35 PM
2950FeatureClosedNormalIndicate the zone id in the logs so it can be separated if redirected to syslog06/26/2014 03:11 PM
2938BugClosedHighnetwork drivers always use the xm stackJavi Fontan07/11/2014 08:44 AM
2927FeatureClosedNormalspecify which default gateway to use if there are multiple nicsJavi Fontan07/25/2014 05:17 PM
2904BugClosedNormalverify parameters passed to kvm / cancel03/04/2015 12:03 AM not working for gzipped files in Ubuntu 14.04Jaime Melis05/09/2014 03:27 PM
2887FeatureClosedNormalSupport a proxy configuration option for the AWS hybrid cloudJaime Melis05/12/2014 04:12 PM
2877FeatureClosedNormalRBD format 2 support for MKFSRuben S. Montero07/07/2014 10:30 AM
2866BugClosedNormalopennebula starting before mysql in debian based distros02/19/2015 11:26 AM
2822BugClosedNormalAttach-disk not working with cephxRuben S. Montero04/07/2014 07:56 AM

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