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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2970FeatureClosedNormalEnable use of devices as disksRuben S. Montero06/27/2014 04:43 PM
2960BugClosedNormalCeph TM delete action does not handle CDROM properlyRuben S. Montero07/08/2014 10:22 PM
2932BugClosedNormalDownloader will create an empty image when it is not availableJaime Melis07/24/2014 03:30 PM
2920BugClosedNormalCan not create new empty "DATABLOCK" image on lvm volumeRuben S. Montero05/16/2014 09:26 PM
2904BugClosedNormalverify parameters passed to kvm / cancel03/04/2015 12:03 AM not working for gzipped files in Ubuntu 14.04Jaime Melis05/09/2014 03:27 PM
2877FeatureClosedNormalRBD format 2 support for MKFSRuben S. Montero07/07/2014 10:30 AM
2822BugClosedNormalAttach-disk not working with cephxRuben S. Montero04/07/2014 07:56 AM
2816BugClosedNormalmonitor_ds may not be reporting the available total storage in some casesJaime Melis04/04/2014 01:30 PM
2788FeatureClosedNormalLimit timeouts in stat when using remote locationJavi Fontan04/07/2014 11:09 AM
2783BugClosedNormalStorage size calculation for Datastore using duJavi Fontan12/19/2014 04:43 PM
2729BugClosedNormalRace condition in hash calculation in downloader.shJaime Melis02/18/2014 11:52 AM
2629BugClosedNormalmd5 mismatch when uploading a file to Sunstone through a proxy server Jaime Melis02/28/2014 08:46 AM
2568FeatureClosedNormalSupport for RBD Format 2 images02/19/2014 10:01 PM
2499BugClosedNormalmarketplace download errorJavi Fontan02/25/2014 04:27 PM
2481BugClosedNormalIncorrect response from oned if image upload through sunstone does not succeedRuben S. Montero11/23/2013 05:39 PM
2464BugClosedNormalTM qcow2 (potentially any TM NFS based) fails at delete if NFS server busyJavi Fontan11/21/2013 03:34 PM
2462BugClosedHighVM resubmit action fails when original host is downJavi Fontan11/20/2013 04:30 PM
2460FeatureClosedNormalRemove iSCSI from repositoryTino Vázquez11/19/2013 10:01 AM
2446FeatureClosedNormalChange shared_lvm driver name to fs_lvmJavi Fontan11/12/2013 09:38 PM
2444BugClosedNormalShared LVM does not work with DATASTORE_LOCATIONJaime Melis11/18/2013 10:37 AM
2426BugClosedNormalVolatile disks changes from sparse to real on migrate (using ssh tm)Javi Fontan11/19/2013 03:59 PM
2399FeatureClosedNormalDo not clone cdrom images when using shared storageJavi Fontan10/28/2013 05:02 PM
2393FeatureClosedNormalVMFS datastore clone should maintain the same format when cloningTino Vázquez10/24/2013 03:30 PM
2330BugClosedNormalstandardize the BRIDGE_LIST directive for all DS driversJaime Melis10/08/2013 01:03 PM

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