Bug #106

NFS storage fails if swap space is to be created

Added by Michael Coram about 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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Category:Drivers - Auth
Target version:Release 1.4
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The NFS version of tm_mkswap.sh ($ONE_LOCATION/lib/tm_commands/nfs/tm_mkswap.sh) does not create the 'image' directory before it attempts to write to it using dd. I'm using version 1.2.0 and if I don't modify the script, I get:

tm_mkswap.sh: ERROR: Command "dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/oneadmin/opennebula/var//4/images/disk.0 bs=1 count=1 seek=1024M" failed
tm_mkswap.sh: ERROR: dd: opening '/home/oneadmin/opennebula/var//4/images/disk.0': No such file or directory

This is resolved by adding the code from tm_clone.sh that creates the directory:
DST_DIR=`dirname $DST_PATH`

log "Creating directory $DST_DIR"
exec_and_log "mkdir -p $DST_DIR"
exec_and_log "chmod a+w $DST_DIR

I've attached the file I used successfully.

tm_mkswap.sh Magnifier - Modified version of tm_mkswap.sh (1.78 KB) Michael Coram, 05/11/2009 09:37 PM

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Create dirs in tm_mkswap (#106)

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Create dirs in tm_mkswap (#106)

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This should be fixed for the next release.


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Patch applied to branch 1.2 and trunk

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