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Allow the use of MAC= parameter with ranged networks

Added by Laurent Grawet over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I have some license servers/products which are bound to ethernet mac address. I need to have the possibility to force mac address to migrate them to opennebula. I see there is such a parameter for fixed networks, is there any reason not allowing it for ranged networks ? We only use ranged networks here.




#1 Updated by Ruben S. Montero over 8 years ago

There is no actual difference between MAC and IP's in OpenNebula. The lowest 32bit of the MAC address is the IPv4 address. Then you can derive one from the other.

Also you can always request an specific MAC from the ranged network. For example (with MAC prefix 02:00):

Net = => IPs = - (Including net address and broadcast)
MACs = 02:00:0A:00:00:00 - 02:00:0A:00:00:FF

You can always request a specific MAC:

NIC = [ NETWORK=... , MAC=02:00:0A:00:00:0B ] (equivalent to NIC = [ NETWORK=..., IP=])

Note that there is no need to set IP= to MAC=02:00:0A:00:00:0B, within the VM you can set any IP. As part of IPv6 support we are thinking to define a network as a range of MACs...

#2 Updated by Laurent Grawet over 8 years ago

The MAC address (ex: 00:16:3E:D3:18:A2) has no 02:00 prefix because the VM was not initially deployed in OpenNebula. The licensing software running on it is paired to this MAC. According the doc (Virtual Network Definition File), it is possible to specify any MAC address with fixed network.

NAME    = "Blue LAN" 

# We have to bind this network to ''virbr1'' for Internet Access
BRIDGE  = vbr1

LEASES  = [IP=, MAC=50:20:20:20:20:21]

So the basic idea here is to have the same capability with ranged network.

#3 Updated by Ruben S. Montero about 8 years ago

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We now have now the possibility to define a ranged network using MAC. (MAC_START for the first mac_address and then a size). Closing this one.

This is used for IPv6 also, example here:


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