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ONE CLI should check syntax

Added by Tino Vázquez over 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Otherwise, it leads to syntax errors. Or maybe the core should check this since the XMLRPC API is also prone to this errors.

From Daniel Morán Jiménez <>

I'm using OpenNebula 1.4, and I have found that a misspelling on the network_address parameter in a template leads to a crash of the whole application (either creating the new network with the onevnet command or using an XMLRPC call). Deploying this template:

NAME = "private"
BRIDGE = eth1

throws this error: "Error: end of file reached". Subsequent ONE commands or XMLRPC connections throw the error: "Error: Connection refused - connect(2)", so the server must be restarted. Once restarted, a onevnet list command shows there is a vnet called "private", but every command issued with its id throws an "Error getting Virtual Network with NID = 30" so it can't be deleted. I have found a workaround to get rid of this network, by creating another one with the same name and deleting it, but I don't have any idea what is going internally, and this sollution doesn't seem to be a good idea :) (is the network being overriden or is the old one lost in the Limbo?). Shouldn't the syntax be checked before processing the commands to prevent further errors?

Best regards
Daniel Moran

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Merge pull request #188 from vholer/master

Install all Gems deps when using bundler. Ubuntu 16.10 Gemfile.lock


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this is a problem in drop (with the lease object)

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Part of this bug was solved for 2.0 series (daemon crash). However the OpenNebula core should check that all the needed attributes has been specified (for each resource VM, Network, Image...). I am scheduling this issue to 2.4

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We'll rely on the core parser engine to ease the implementation of multiple bindings. Now the core returns the error and the line.

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