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Fail over VM after host failure (non persistent image)

Added by Olivier Franki almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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According to documentation (, when there is a host failure, the only way to restart a VM on another host is to recreate it.

This is OK when using persistent images but in our case, we are using non persistent images on a shared filesystem (glusterFS)
We don't have found yet any way to enforce the migration of the VM to another host when its status is UNKNOWN

Is there a command to failover a VM created from a non persistent image when its status is UNKNOWN ? Otherwise, it will be nice to add a new option to the boot command to specify on which host the VM must be restarted.


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We are implementing in #2135 the option to shutdown, shutdown --hard, poweroff and undeploy a VM in UNKNOWN state.

In your case you may undeploy the VM in unknown and deploy it again in other host.

Closing this one, thanks for the feedback.

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