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OVA exporting (.vmdk and .img)

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It would be interesting to have an option for creating and exporting OVA files from OpenNebula.
We want to use those OVA files within KVM and VMware environments.

The process that we suggest is:
  1. Select a working VM in OpenNebula.
  2. Save the changes and shutdown the VM.
  3. Create a VM image that will be exported. At this point the user should select one of two options for the image: .img and .vmdk.
  4. Make an OVA package with the image.
  5. Export the OVA to a network location selected by the user.

We need that this process can be executed for any user; and so, from Sunstone in a easy way.

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Exporting a VM as OVA from a market could permit users to get appliance for their virtualboxes.

We use OVA at work to let our users test our “products”.


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We are also interested on have this feature on production.

I am mostly agreed with the procedure described on the description for this issue. Basically, we need that an user can download the image that he/she is using. For example, if an user finish his/her project on our OpenNebula infrastructure, he/she has the possibility to download his/her image and have his/her own VM backup. I am thinking that maybe this could be included on Virtual Machines - Storage - And in actions, have an option called maybe ¨Download image΅, which makes something similar to a snapshot, so it saves the changes, shut-down the VM and from here, it just would follow the steps 3, 4 and 5 already commented on the description. Also, do you think this image could be then imported through for example, images - create image - upload? I think it would be interesting to offer both options.

About the ways to download the image, I think maybe it can be exported to a local NFS or a ftp server configured for this purpose and the user just would download it from it. Or just download the image directly from the DOM-0 or sunstone, but I am not sure if this it is possible.

Thanks in advance,

#6 Updated by Niels Fallenbeck over 5 years ago


I would also put my comments here because a user just raised this question. We at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Munich, Germany, are using OpenNebula to provide a compute cloud to our (scientific) users.

To download images, e.g. after a project has finished as Esteban also mentioned, would be great to backup the environment in which e.g. simulation tasks have been performed for auditability reasons for example or being able to rerun computational tasks at some point in the future, probably when the colleague who originally performed these measurements is not employed at an institute anymore.

Are there any plans for the near future to provide such an opportunity to users?
As Esteban mentioned, it would be sufficient to us if OpenNebula would export the VMs (in some widely used format like ova ;-)) to a local directory which we than make accessible to our users.

Best regards, keep up the good work,

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Hi Esteban + Niels

We are working (it is 95% done now in master) in a redesigned marketplace. The new market place will address this issue. In particular, a user could:

1.- Select an image from a datastore and upload it to a marketplace.
2.- Import the image in the market place in other OpenNebula or download the image to its laptop through sunston...

We'll ship 2 stock market places: http (simple put a http server to access the images) s3 object store (uses ceph s3 gatewy to download images with a block semantics)

I'm closing this as a duplicate for the new marketplace, but we can continue the discussion here.

THANKS for your feedback !

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