Bug #319

EC2 interface does not correctly set image paths in templates

Added by Javi Fontan almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2.0
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I'm trying to get a OpenNebula 2.0 beta to work (everything is working
fine with our 1.4 install). I'm facing the following problem:

- using shared nfs/nfs transport
- trying to deploy ami-style (econe-server) using the provided
demo-template (which works with 1.4)

Owner    ImageId              Status
Visibility                               Location
test ami-00000001                                        public
test ami-00000002                                        private

now I can deploy the image running econe-run-instances - the deploy
however fails. I think it is because of this action
of the deployment scripts:

cat transfer.0.prolog:
LN host:1 host:/kvm1/one/var/14/images/disk.0

this links the image to "1" which does not make any sense. This is because I use

DISK = [ source   = <%= erb_vm_info[:ec2_img_id] %>,

in the template - the original:

DISK = [ source   = <%= erb_vm_info[:img_path] %>,

seems to be deprecated completely (deploying with :img_path ends in a
parse error of oned)

So how is the actual path to an econe instance specified in the
template? I've tried different img variables but with no luck.

Has anyone succeeded on deploying an instance using the suggested
template in an KVM/nfs environment?


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Cloud servers now use the Image Reporistory IMAGE_ID should be used, as shown in the templates included in the OpenNebula distribution

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