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Include support to use "epilog" and "prolog" scripts within VMM scripts

Added by Alvaro Simon over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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This is a request to include epilog and prolog scripts support to by executed by VMM scripts inside the hypervisors. A good example was included by Atodorov Storpool in this thread:

Including epilog and prolog scripts defined by the user we will able to activate some administrative actions as oneadmin user during VMM executions for different VM states (copy,migrate, mv) like:

  • Update/set firewall rules
  • Update Kerberos tickets
  • Perform image backups before VM deletion



#1 Updated by Anton Todorov over 5 years ago

IMO not only VMM but almost (if not) all scripts should have such feature.

or all to have only one generic loader


[ -d "${0}.d" ] && for hook in "${0}.d"/* ; do source "$hook"; done

and all code to be placed in the `.../script.d/50-upstream_code`.

Even more it would be useful to split the code by stages/function... I don’t know how to name it properly/, so we could "insert" logic in the middle/or key places/ of the script.

For example this is what I am patching to add our datastore monitoring:

and in the inserted file, if the requested Datastore is on storpool storage I am composing response and iterating the loop in the parent im/


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