Feature #4205

Name host-side guest interfaces uniquely

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Currently host-side guest interfaces are named by libvirt which picks a name such as "vnet0", "vnet1", etc.

The problem is that libvirt may re-use these names if they become unused. In combination with security groups this can create an issue if a security group refers to "vnet0" for a VM that gets terminated but not cleaned up (for whatever reason).

A sane approach to fixing this is to name the interfaces uniquely on a host -- libvirt seems to have no mechanism for not re-using "vnet" names, but we can specify it in the XML file for the domain.

Attached is a patch to do this. It names the host-side guest interfaces "one-<domain_id>-<nic_id>".

Note that it removes support for processing the TARGET attribute for the system, I'm not sure if this attribute is used anywhere but it's a bad idea in my case to support allowing the users to name their interfaces anything.

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Feature #4205: Name host-side guest interfaces uniquely

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