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Folder to organize the VMs

Added by Carlos Cesario almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Target version:Release 5.4
Resolution:fixed Pull request:185


Currently the VMs instantiated by openNebula register the VM inside Folder where reside the base template.
It would be interesting create a Option to specify the Base Folder to register the VMs (datacenter level like other params - VCENTER_VFOLDER)
Or make it customized whend deploy a new VM.

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folder.png (17.5 KB) Carlos Cesario, 09/24/2016 11:37 PM

vcenter_deploy_folder_instantiate.png (9.02 KB) Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo, 01/16/2017 04:50 PM

specify_folder.png (9.43 KB) Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo, 01/16/2017 04:55 PM

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When the VM is cloned from the VM template, you can found that VM in vSphere's Web Client, in the same location where the vCenter template is located. Starting with OpenNebula 5.4, if you use folders to group your objects like VMs and you want a VM to be placed inside a specific folder, you can now specify a Deployment Folder where the VM will be created.

The Deployment Folder is a path which uses slashes to separate folders. For instance: /Management/OpenNebula Systems/Devel.

The Deployment Folder is specified using the DEPLOY_FOLDER attribute. This attribute is a Restricted attribute which means that only users members of the oneadmin group can create or modify that attribute unless the VM_RESTRICTED_ATTR = "DEPLOY_FOLDER" row is deleted from the /etc/one/oned.conf file (the OpenNebula service must be restarted to apply changes to that file).

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