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attached disk is not resized when recover 'delete-recreate' is called

Added by Anton Todorov about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Category:Core & System
Target version:Release 5.6
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To reproduce:
1. Create a VM
2. Attach non-persistent image and in advanced options set new size (master image 10G, new size 13G)
3. order recover 'delete-recreate'

The second disk (the attacdhed one) is with the size of the master image - 10G

The second disk to be recreated with the new size (13G)

Categorized as core/system but not sure where is the actual bug though.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov


#1 Updated by Ruben S. Montero almost 4 years ago

  • Tracker changed from Bug to Request
  • Target version set to Release 5.6

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the testing :)

About this one, this is actually de current expected behavior. Non persistent images are reset in terms of resizes and snapshots, and quotas re-adjusted. This was the behavior in 5.2 and before.

I'll move this to request and evaluate the change of this behavior

#2 Updated by Anton Todorov almost 4 years ago

Hi Ruben,

I think that when a user create a VM with given sizes for disks and when delete-recrete it a VM with same disks sizes is expected by the user as when it was initially created.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

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