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Existing Vms not showing

Added by Miguel Andrade almost 10 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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If you install on an hypervisor with existing VMs, they are not shown in Sunstone. This is a really annoying thing if you already have a a lot of VMs configured in different hypervistors and want to start managing them using opennebula.

They should be detected, or at least there should be a warning and a procedure to migrate.


#1 Updated by Carlos Martín almost 10 years ago

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Hi, OpenNebula assumes the complete control of the infrastructure and the VMs.

Maybe we could think of an new tool to import existing VMs.

#2 Updated by Mika Göckel almost 10 years ago

I support this request. To have some wizards for host, network, storage and existing vm discovery, configuration and import would be a strong support for improving adoption.

#3 Updated by Ruben S. Montero about 8 years ago

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There is the notion of WILD VMS, you cannot control them but they will be listed as part of the host.

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