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Do not delete host, insted disabled them

Added by Ruben S. Montero about 13 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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Currently one lets manage and do operations with orphans Vm's (VM with a deleted host), The enhancement will consist of do not delete the HOST and move their state to disabled instead, so no one can make any operations with them (i.e. add a new vm to the host or make them ineligible for scheduling) and let the running VM's finish their lifecycle...

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Revision 68e2797a
Added by Javi Fontan about 12 years ago

Disable a host if it has non DONE VMs when deleting (#8)

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Revision 0ffe14c3
Added by Javi Fontan about 12 years ago

Warning message for onevm delete (disabled instead of deleted) (#8)

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#1 Updated by Ruben S. Montero almost 13 years ago

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We will implement this at the CLI level. The onehost delete will check if a VM is running and in that case will disable the host. The admin will be notified.

#2 Updated by Javi Fontan about 12 years ago

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onehost delete command now works as expected an only deletes the host if there are no VMs in that host (failed VMs also count).

It may be useful to print a warning when the host is disabled instead of deleted.

#3 Updated by Javi Fontan about 12 years ago

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