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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3418FeatureClosedNormalmove "Send CtrlAltDel" from to be away from console maximizeDaniel Molina12/10/2014 06:55 PM
3390BugClosedNormalmm_sched stops scheduling new vms09/19/2016 07:44 AM
3127FeatureClosedHighlvm as system datastore11/20/2017 04:45 PM
3126FeatureClosedHighsearch form reset button in sunstone admin viewDaniel Molina01/16/2015 05:01 PM
3122RequestClosedNormaltag vm from template11/23/2015 04:23 PM
3097BugClosedNormalvolume hot attach stops working after first attach and detachJaime Melis07/29/2014 09:46 AM
1558FeatureClosedNormalkvm default raw atributes configurable in /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf11/12/2012 10:50 PM
1541BugClosedNormalmore finegrained timestamp when oned archiving logfile ( oned -b ) for eliminating log lossJavi Fontan10/11/2012 01:25 PM
1539BugClosedNormaluser dashboard in sunstone displays "&nbsp" between slash and valuesDaniel Molina10/23/2012 11:15 AM
1538BugClosedNormalsunstone-server init script in rpm package has bad references to oned nameJaime Melis10/16/2012 02:05 PM
1537BugClosedNormalrpm packages for pre-beta is missing occi-server init scriptJaime Melis10/16/2012 02:06 PM
1536BugClosedNormalnovnc's websockify gets html error instead of python scriptDaniel Molina10/17/2012 02:41 PM
1161BugClosedNormaltoggle volume persistence fails in sunstoneHector Sanjuan03/30/2012 03:24 PM
1151BugClosedNormalshutdown on el6 without acpi not working, shuld do destroyJavi Fontan05/07/2012 03:42 PM
1050BugClosedNormalonehost command does not check host name to be just the IP or just the dns name (without username etc)10/29/2012 11:58 AM
1043BugClosedNormalnovnc console in sunstone closes when ESC key pressed, no "SendESC" button like "Send CtrlAltDel"Hector Sanjuan05/11/2013 02:01 PM
1028FeatureClosedNormalshutdown and delete dialogs with detailed info in "Cornfirmation of action" dialogDaniel Molina02/07/2014 05:33 PM
1003FeatureClosedNormalsupport DISK with TYPE = noneJaime Melis03/21/2012 09:57 PM
982RequestClosedNormaloneacctd and sunstone init scripts in rpm distributionJaime Melis04/15/2013 05:16 PM
934FeatureClosedNormalVirtual machine, Image, Template renaming12/24/2012 01:36 PM
871BugClosedNormalonedb reports locked table while running upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 and failsCarlos Martín10/14/2011 10:24 PM


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