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4437BacklogPendingHighAutomatically create first initial snapshotEOLE Team
4479BacklogPendingHighLimit size of object documentsRuben S. Montero
4499BacklogPendingHighAdd and remove security group from a NICGuillaume Oberlé
4532BacklogPendingHighKeep a registration of "Keepalive ID / virtual_router_id" for Virtual Routers per virtual networkStefan Kooman
4709BacklogPendingHighDefault keyboard layout for vmYannick MOLINET
4720BacklogPendingHighVM save and instantiate to persistent let user choose datastores for imagesYannick MOLINET
4722BacklogPendingHighCustom hypervisor names for VMsRuben S. Montero
4740BacklogPendingHighAllow creation of "Empty disk image" for type OSStefan Kooman
4828BacklogPendingHighAllow to Save As a vm disk while the vm is in any state (such as undeployed)John Noss
4847BacklogPendingHighSwitch non-persistent image to maintainance mode for updateMaximilian Raba-Streicher
4880BacklogPendingHighAllow third party components to modify deployment file or configurationRuben S. Montero
4890BacklogPendingHighTry to avoid using disabled/offline hosts in storage BRIDGE_LISTTaavi K
5124BacklogPendingHighAdd support for iothreadsGerben Meijer
5125BacklogPendingHighSupport for VNC/SPICE autoport rather than tracking in OpenNebulaRoy Keene
5128BacklogPendingHighDefault quota setskvaps kvaps
5295BacklogPendingHighMake oned work with muslRuben S. Montero
5401BacklogPendingHighOpenNebula: Group of resourceskvaps kvaps
5470BacklogPendingHighMAke VM_*_OPERATIONS configurable at user and group levelOpenNebula Systems Support Team
1689BacklogPendingNormalAdd RVMs quota per clusterDaniel Molina
2030BacklogPendingNormalDisable usersRuben S. Montero
2043BacklogPendingNormalAdding MacVTap DriverTobias Honacker
2064BacklogPendingNormalSupport for Hooks an API callsJaime Melis
2117BacklogPendingNormalReference parameters within a contextSteffen Claus
2375BacklogPendingNormalAllow VMs to pull data from OneGateCarlos Martín
2531BacklogPendingNormalAdd support for DISK/RAW and NIC/RAWCarlos Martín

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