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5545BugClosedNormalImage not decompressed on uploadVlastimil Holer11/13/2017 03:16 PM
5341BugClosedNormalCeph resize of the volatile disk failsVlastimil Holer09/04/2017 12:37 PM
5329BugClosedNormalDo not include both and scripts_common.shVlastimil Holer10/25/2017 12:18 PM
5320BugClosedNormalNebula fails terminating undeployed machines using ceph08/28/2017 03:45 PM
5208FeatureClosedNormalAdd CEPH_KEY attribute to ceph drivers to allow for multi ceph cluster deployments which require authentication07/12/2017 01:52 PM
5174BugClosedNormaltermination of undeployed vm fails on ceph image DS08/24/2017 01:55 PM
5170BugClosedNormalfs_lvm does not lock lvm changesJavi Fontan07/11/2017 08:30 AM
5144BugClosedNormalImage flatten doesn't workVlastimil Holer05/24/2017 03:51 PM
5131BugClosedNormalmigration failure due to ceph system datastore being misused as a fs datastore08/24/2017 01:58 PM
5081FeatureClosedNormalCustom vmm scripts, not only for save and restore03/28/2017 02:27 PM
5069BugClosedNormalCeph driver removes data in system datastore when using shared system datastore05/14/2017 04:42 PM
5063BugClosedNormalSnapshots of non-persistent images are not deleted on VM terminationVlastimil Holer10/30/2017 03:23 PM
5032BugClosedNormalDatastores with TARGET = SELF (e.g. Ceph) needs to properly account image DS usage (as done in disk-resize operations for persistent images)07/05/2017 09:57 AM
4969BugClosedNormalCeph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YESkvaps kvaps05/14/2017 04:31 PM
4944BugClosedHightm/shared/clone: ceph disk clone is failing with shared system ds05/12/2017 08:24 PM
4924BugClosedHighceph: tm migration scripts are killing vms with shared system datastore05/12/2017 08:19 PM
4900BugClosedHightm_mad: fix wrong variable names that prevent execution of migrate_other11/05/2016 08:33 PM
4885FeatureClosedNormalCeph Snapshots cannot be deleted07/05/2017 04:14 PM
4878BugClosedNormalCeph persitent image "loses" changesJaime Melis01/13/2017 04:44 PM
4781BugClosedNormalDelete new image when mkimage/mkswap failsJavi Fontan10/07/2016 11:46 AM
4768BugClosedNormalattach_disk in qcow2 fails09/13/2016 08:49 AM
4763FeatureClosedNormaldisable snapshoting readonly CDROM images07/05/2017 05:05 PM
4706FeatureClosedSponsoredWhen migrating over SSH, copy the files directly from one hypervisor to the target oneRuben S. Montero09/01/2016 02:04 PM
4642BugClosedHighMissing links for default monitor scripts. This affects SSH datastore monitorRuben S. Montero07/14/2016 09:44 AM
4640BugClosedNormallive migrate with 'shared' SYSTEMD_DS not working properlyJavi Fontan09/14/2016 09:35 AM
4601BugClosedNormalvcenter upload does not recognize new mime typesJavi Fontan06/30/2016 01:59 PM
4520BugClosedNormalDisk snapshot fails (qcow2)Javi Fontan06/13/2016 08:58 AM
4517BugClosedNormalSnapshot DISK_SIZE monitoring information ignoredJavi Fontan06/13/2016 08:59 AM
4505BugClosedNormalUpdate Ceph tests to use system ds of type ceph instead of sharedJavi Fontan05/31/2016 09:12 AM
4490BugClosedNormalLive migration does not work in fs_lvmJavi Fontan06/06/2016 04:52 PM
4489FeatureClosedNormaladd to the migrator a warning of the deprecation of lvmJaime Melis06/03/2016 02:53 PM
4488FeatureClosedNormalMake qcow2 drivers usable for system datastoreJavi Fontan06/03/2016 09:14 AM
4475BugClosedNormalfs_lvm does not delete volumesJavi Fontan05/19/2016 04:24 PM
4460BugClosedNormalMigration TM scripts premigrate and post migrate not calle06/01/2016 07:51 AM
4458BugClosedNormalImplement resize in fs_lvmJavi Fontan05/18/2016 05:18 PM
4436BugClosedHighcpds in tm shared driver don't copy snapshotsJavi Fontan05/09/2016 08:13 AM
4386BugClosedNormalAppMarket header retrieval should be case insensitiveJavi Fontan03/30/2016 02:02 PM
4384BugClosedNormalNon live qcow2 disk snapshots do no resolve the correct parent pathJavi Fontan03/30/2016 02:00 PM
4366BugClosedNormalDo not execute vgdisplay on hyps if FS LVM DS is not setJavi Fontan04/28/2016 12:42 PM
4349BugClosedNormalDatastore migration does not work with qcow2 driversJavi Fontan04/01/2016 09:07 AM
4299BugClosedNormalCeph live snapshot - domfsfreeze returns falseJavi Fontan05/20/2016 03:15 PM
4276BugClosedNormalsnap_create not working for combination of qcow2 and ssh TMOpenNebula Systems Support Team04/01/2016 10:14 AM
4270BugClosedNormalssh_make_path in always returning success12/30/2015 05:25 PM
4269BugClosedNormalcontext iso symlink broken after VM migration to another SYSTEM_DS01/04/2016 04:35 PM
4238FeatureClosedNormalExtend the Devices datastore to support ISCSI volumesJaime Melis01/11/2016 04:16 PM
4235BugClosedNormalSSH transfer drivers fail on epilogs with persistent images. They never copy anything back to onemaster.Jaime Melis04/12/2016 08:55 AM
4221BugClosedNormaldisk detach / attach leaves VM in broken stateJaime Melis04/12/2016 08:52 AM
4158FeatureClosedNormalUse stdin for vcenter and datastore drivers to get information about the action.Tino Vázquez04/12/2016 02:58 PM
4137BugClosedNormalfix mkfs calling in scripts_common.sh11/11/2015 04:39 PM
4130BugClosedNormalcannot use files datastore if BRIDGE_LIST is set and frontend doesn't see those filesJavi Fontan11/16/2015 05:46 PM
4110FeatureClosedNormalSupport fs_lvm without cLVM requirementJavi Fontan04/28/2016 12:44 PM
4092BugClosedNormallvm datastore size is incorrect (MiB vs MB)Javi Fontan11/11/2015 03:00 PM
4052BugClosedNormalKVM qcow2 drivers may create .snap directories for CD'sJavi Fontan11/16/2015 11:02 AM
4048BugClosedNormalDisk snapshots that fail delete the existing snapshot instead of the new (failed) snapshotRuben S. Montero10/27/2015 04:05 PM
4008FeatureClosedHighoption to unprotect the delete action on disk snapshots07/05/2017 04:12 PM
3987FeatureClosedNormalMake Ceph a system datastore capable driverJaime Melis01/04/2016 01:37 PM
3957BugClosedNormalDo not monitor current disk as snapshot in qcow2 driversJavi Fontan09/01/2015 04:37 PM
3953BugClosedNormalceph: monitor script doesn't monitor pool space but total spaceJaime Melis06/30/2016 01:52 PM
3915FeatureClosedNormaldeprecate SOURCE = httpJavi Fontan04/12/2016 03:16 PM
3907FeatureClosedNormalRethink the Image datablock qcow2 optionsRuben S. Montero06/02/2016 12:55 PM
3755FeatureClosedSponsoredAdd qcow2 parameters for clone operationJavi Fontan05/03/2016 04:44 PM
3705BugClosedNormalImages downloaded from the Marketplace to Ceph are left with DRIVER=qcow2Vlastimil Holer05/23/2017 09:52 AM
3574FeatureClosedHighSupport for BRIDGE_LIST in fs/share and fs/ssh driversDaniel Molina02/24/2015 09:46 PM
3544FeatureClosedHighSubstitute rbd copy with rbd snap, protect and flatten in the ceph image clone11/20/2017 04:43 PM
3448BugClosedNormalCeph save and regular migrate might not be working12/15/2014 01:09 AM
3446BugClosedNormalCeph clone operation should work in case of clean-up failure12/15/2014 04:18 PM
3377BugClosedNormaldefault port CEPH_HOSTRuben S. Montero12/11/2014 04:10 PM
3335BugClosedHighUse CEPH "MAX AVAIL"03/28/2015 05:26 PM
3332BugClosedNormalAttach non-persistent disks does not work for cephJaime Melis11/17/2014 03:42 PM
3287BugClosedNormalWrong DATASTORE_ID when cloning to another datastoreJaime Melis11/26/2014 05:40 PM
3222FeatureClosedHighVMware reset action not supported by libvirtTino Vázquez10/21/2014 11:42 AM
3215FeatureClosedNormalIncluded CEPH_USER attr from datastore to be used by ONE Ceph remotesRuben S. Montero10/10/2014 09:21 AM
3127FeatureClosedHighlvm as system datastore11/20/2017 04:45 PM
3097BugClosedNormalvolume hot attach stops working after first attach and detachJaime Melis07/29/2014 09:46 AM
3013BugClosedNormalLines missing in oned.conf for Gluster 06/30/2014 09:37 PM
2970FeatureClosedNormalEnable use of devices as disksRuben S. Montero06/27/2014 04:43 PM
2960BugClosedNormalCeph TM delete action does not handle CDROM properlyRuben S. Montero07/08/2014 10:22 PM
2932BugClosedNormalDownloader will create an empty image when it is not availableJaime Melis07/24/2014 03:30 PM
2920BugClosedNormalCan not create new empty "DATABLOCK" image on lvm volumeRuben S. Montero05/16/2014 09:26 PM
2904BugClosedNormalverify parameters passed to kvm / cancel03/04/2015 12:03 AM not working for gzipped files in Ubuntu 14.04Jaime Melis05/09/2014 03:27 PM
2877FeatureClosedNormalRBD format 2 support for MKFSRuben S. Montero07/07/2014 10:30 AM
2822BugClosedNormalAttach-disk not working with cephxRuben S. Montero04/07/2014 07:56 AM
2816BugClosedNormalmonitor_ds may not be reporting the available total storage in some casesJaime Melis04/04/2014 01:30 PM
2788FeatureClosedNormalLimit timeouts in stat when using remote locationJavi Fontan04/07/2014 11:09 AM
2783BugClosedNormalStorage size calculation for Datastore using duJavi Fontan12/19/2014 04:43 PM
2729BugClosedNormalRace condition in hash calculation in downloader.shJaime Melis02/18/2014 11:52 AM
2629BugClosedNormalmd5 mismatch when uploading a file to Sunstone through a proxy server Jaime Melis02/28/2014 08:46 AM
2568FeatureClosedNormalSupport for RBD Format 2 images02/19/2014 10:01 PM
2499BugClosedNormalmarketplace download errorJavi Fontan02/25/2014 04:27 PM
2481BugClosedNormalIncorrect response from oned if image upload through sunstone does not succeedRuben S. Montero11/23/2013 05:39 PM
2464BugClosedNormalTM qcow2 (potentially any TM NFS based) fails at delete if NFS server busyJavi Fontan11/21/2013 03:34 PM
2462BugClosedHighVM resubmit action fails when original host is downJavi Fontan11/20/2013 04:30 PM
2460FeatureClosedNormalRemove iSCSI from repositoryTino Vázquez11/19/2013 10:01 AM
2446FeatureClosedNormalChange shared_lvm driver name to fs_lvmJavi Fontan11/12/2013 09:38 PM
2444BugClosedNormalShared LVM does not work with DATASTORE_LOCATIONJaime Melis11/18/2013 10:37 AM
2426BugClosedNormalVolatile disks changes from sparse to real on migrate (using ssh tm)Javi Fontan11/19/2013 03:59 PM
2399FeatureClosedNormalDo not clone cdrom images when using shared storageJavi Fontan10/28/2013 05:02 PM
2393FeatureClosedNormalVMFS datastore clone should maintain the same format when cloningTino Vázquez10/24/2013 03:30 PM
2330BugClosedNormalstandardize the BRIDGE_LIST directive for all DS driversJaime Melis10/08/2013 01:03 PM

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