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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2201BugClosedNormalNo capacity detected when using LVM datastoreJaime Melis07/30/2013 03:24 PM
1594BugClosedNormalWrong source file path for contextualization iso10/26/2012 09:16 AM
1593BugClosedNormalfailed: mv: cannot remove /vmfs/volumes/*: Is a directoryTino Vázquez11/20/2012 02:30 PM
1590FeatureClosedNormalMemory reporting for ESXi VMs10/25/2012 10:58 AM
1527BugClosedNormalSet DATASTORE_LOCATION to /vmfs/volumesTino Vázquez10/08/2012 08:48 PM
1208BugClosedNormalStandalone Sunstone serveradmin credentialsHector Sanjuan06/27/2012 03:36 PM
1185BugClosedNormalWrong reference to FILTERED_BRIDGES for ebtables04/03/2012 06:27 AM
1101BugClosedNormaldocumentation:rel3.2:ec2g - Missing onehost create parameter02/01/2012 04:54 PM
1081BugClosedNormalshare/etc/init.d/one.{debian|ubuntu} are not LSB compliant (missing status command)Jaime Melis05/07/2012 08:51 AM
1075BugClosedLowWrong memory monitoring in im_ganglia11/13/2013 04:44 PM
1074BugClosedNormalMissing sched.conf after upgrading 3.0 -> 3.2 (from sources)06/27/2012 03:36 PM
1060BugClosedNormalremotes/vmm/kvm/poll_ganglia:73: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClassJavi Fontan01/30/2012 04:58 PM
1059BugClosedNormalMissing common.d for extending IM probes?Javi Fontan04/16/2012 09:56 AM
1054BugClosedNormalWrong VM_MAD argument for Ganglia integrationJavi Fontan01/10/2012 03:20 PM
579BugClosedNormalError: mkfs Image: in mkfs command. when mkfs is not in $PATH04/28/2011 04:05 PM
561BugClosedNormalArgumentError when executing host_error.rbTino Vázquez05/16/2011 02:53 PM


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