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2845BacklogPendingLowImprove fsck performanceCarlos Martín
3573BacklogPendingLowAdd a configuration file for cLIDaniel Dehennin
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3286BacklogPendingHighRUBY OCA to_hash returns inconsistant datatypesChris Cormier
3881BacklogPendingHighImplement rollback for VM Save To TemplateTino Vázquez
4089BacklogPendingHighImage uploads with OCABoris Parak
4846BacklogPendingHighresolve secondary group names in cli for oneuserMaximilian Raba-Streicher
4144BacklogNewNormalDepend onruby-mysql2 instead of ruby-mysqlRuben S. Montero
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4426BacklogNewSponsoredAllow Template reordering in Cloud ViewOpenNebula Systems Support Team
3116BacklogNewNormalShow log information for servicesDaniel Molina
3478BacklogPendingNormalAdd list of authorized/denied instance types/networks per templateDaniel Molina
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2028BacklogPendingHighMake virtual router appliance work with fixed virtual networksRuben S. Montero
1703BacklogPendingLowSeparate context scripts into early and late startJavi Fontan
1746BacklogPendingLowMake context package work on installation phaseJavi Fontan
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4595BacklogPendingSponsoredDisk resizing in while VM is runningOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4754BacklogPendingSponsoredAdd a quota for maximum indivual capacity settings per VMOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4759BacklogPendingSponsoredExtend pricing optionsDirk Estenfeld
4807BacklogPendingSponsoredsudo in sunstoneJohn Noss
4842BacklogNewSponsoredLimit the number of snapshots a user can maintain on each of their VMs OpenNebula Systems Support Team
4860BacklogPendingSponsoredMake it possible to dynamically change the mac and ip spoofing parameters and dynamically upgrade the network SGsOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5031BacklogPendingSponsoredusername login case insensitiveOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5055BacklogPendingSponsoredUpdateconf Graphics should generate a port if not specified.OpenNebula Systems Support Team
5317BacklogPendingSponsoredImprove Security Groups VM gropingOpenNebula Systems Support Team
470BacklogPendingHighMultiple Configuration Files for OpenNebulaRuben S. Montero
1615BacklogPendingHighAdd audit trail featuresCarlos Martín
1769BacklogPendingHighDecouple deploy and poweron actionsOpenNebula Systems Support Team

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