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OCCI: post_network

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Hi there,
when testing the OCCI interface I've met the following problem. The OCCI
post_network method seems to use a buggy xml schema within the 1.4 distrib.


The OCCI user guide gives the following example for creating a network:

$ ./occi-network --url http://localhost:4567 --username oneadmin --password opennebula create vnxml 

From the example above it's clear that the network settings must be put
under a top level NETWORK element.


The example above fits the OCCIServer.rb code, eg.:

221:            network_info=Crack::XML.parse(request.body.read)
234:            vntemplate = network.to_one_template(
235:                          network_info['NETWORK'],
236:                          @config[:bridge])


However the ONE v.1.4 distribution available for download contains
a different code, and uses a different schema:

222:            network_info=Crack::XML.parse(request.body.read)
235:            vntemplate = network.to_one_template(
236:                          network_info['NIC'],
237:                          @config[:bridge])

Thus the distrib uses another schema, where network settings
should be put under a top level NIC element.


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Do not set VNC ports as used in certain states #214

Original fix by @dfelsch


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This is right OpenNebula 1.4 has a wrong XML schema for the networks, this has been fixed for the next release as you noted.

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