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Recreate from Template

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It would be nice to have function for recreate VM with parameters used from template.

It's look like delete-recreate function, but it will reattach any disks removed by user or changed parameters, but not lose the IP-address.


#1 Updated by kvaps kvaps almost 4 years ago

Also the resizeing of the vm is needed, if it have custom capacity when creating.

It is applicable for vm's disks too, so I think it can be little complicated.

#2 Updated by Ruben S. Montero almost 4 years ago

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Is this the onevm save command:

`` * save <vmid> <name>
Clones the VM's source Template, replacing the disks with live snapshots
of the current disks. The VM capacity and NICs are also preserved

valid options: persistent

We are in the process on improving this, considering as you mention the changes to the VM like resizes or attach of disks/nics not present in the original template

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