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4934BugClosedNormalupdateconf is not exposed in the java apiAbel Coronado06/09/2017 02:51 PM
4889BugClosedNormalIPv6 can not be put on holdSergio Semedi06/14/2017 03:58 PM
4724BugClosedNormalopennebula-sunstone missing files in a standalone installJavi Fontan09/05/2016 10:55 AM
4521BugClosedNormalAdd missing methods in OCA JAVACarlos Martín06/09/2016 02:33 PM
4088BugClosedNormalPagination issue with info calls on poolsRuben S. Montero10/27/2015 03:24 PM
3771BugClosedNormalUnable parse xml information for vCenter Host by java ocaTino Vázquez07/14/2015 11:15 AM
3635FeatureClosedNormalReview and update OCA JAVA bindingCarlos Martín02/25/2015 04:25 PM
3457BugClosedNormalonevnet reserve should return the ID of the new VNET Carlos Martín02/16/2015 03:27 PM
2906BugClosedNormalVM pool only includes the last DISK/NIC even if there are more definedJavi Fontan05/13/2014 01:34 PM
2868BugClosedNormalIn ruby OCA pool_page_size is not available when OpenNebula module is not included in an objectJavi Fontan05/21/2014 09:28 AM
2773BugClosedNormalXML to JSON conversion has some problems with empty elementsJavi Fontan03/17/2014 11:56 AM
2732FeatureClosedNormalSupport for http proxy in ruby oca clientLykle Voort02/18/2014 10:26 AM
2705BugClosedNormalinstall_gems should install Nokogiri before other gemsJavi Fontan02/14/2014 03:53 PM
2294BugClosedNormalLatest nokogiri not compatible with ruby 1.8.7Javi Fontan09/04/2013 03:14 PM
1780FeatureClosedNormalUnify method naming in OCA05/09/2013 01:32 PM
1720BacklogClosedLowUse exceptions in Ruby OCA05/13/2013 08:19 PM
1719FeatureClosedNormalAdd timeout option to OpenNebula::ClientJavi Fontan02/01/2013 04:07 PM
1700FeatureClosedNormalChange ruby oca libraries to conform to ruby standard practicesJavi Fontan02/01/2013 03:09 PM
1296BugClosedNormalOutdated Image states in Java OCACarlos Martín06/08/2012 09:07 AM
1294BugClosedNormalwrong action for restart method in java ocaCarlos Martín06/08/2012 09:09 AM
1192BugClosedNormalWrong xpath expression in Datastore.rb contains()Carlos Martín03/30/2012 03:26 PM
1164FeatureClosedNormalCreate a new alias for the .info method in OCAJavi Fontan02/25/2013 11:54 AM
1133BugClosedLowWrong method doc. in ruby oca03/23/2012 02:54 PM
1127BugClosedNormalgetById of does not get updated Carlos Martín04/23/2012 09:07 AM
1094BugClosedNormalGems Installation failed from source (xmlparser)Javi Fontan02/13/2012 03:01 PM
1072BugClosedLowLCM_STATE does not give code for failure, using the XML-RPC interfaceNassos Antoniou01/23/2012 04:18 PM
872FeatureClosedNormalAdd duplicate command to onetemplateHector Sanjuan06/08/2012 09:08 AM
850FeatureClosedNormalAdapt accounting Tools to the new acctd daemonsOpenNebula Systems Support Team11/06/2011 09:32 PM
720FeatureClosedNormalAdd extra authentication to the acct moduleDaniel Molina08/30/2011 02:52 PM
697BugClosedNormalRemove duplicated functionality in OCA11/17/2011 09:55 PM
696FeatureClosedNormalNew component for accounting and monitoringDaniel Molina07/11/2011 05:16 PM
652BacklogClosedLowHybrid storage, importing images to OpenNebulaDaniel Molina05/13/2013 08:19 PM
572BugClosedNormalImprove Exception choiche for Client class in Java OCA.Carlos Martín07/12/2011 02:03 PM
391BugClosedNormalXMLUtils tries to get the text of an attributeTino Vázquez11/13/2010 12:46 AM has to be removed from Ruby OCACarlos Martín10/21/2010 03:26 PM
364FeatureClosedNormalOption for getting Public Images and Owned ImagesDaniel Molina10/18/2010 03:51 PM
341BugClosedNormalOCA exits instead of returning OpenNebula ErrorJavi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM
325BugClosedNormalWrong number of returned elements if no error on a XML-RPC VM actionTino Vázquez09/24/2010 12:39 PM
324BugClosedLowDelete a machine in XML-RPCJavi Fontan03/13/2011 11:38 PM
323BugClosedNormalSame XML-RPC machine state for several onevm state Tino Vázquez09/02/2010 11:34 AM
322BugClosedNormalXML-RPC API machine stateJavi Fontan03/30/2012 02:49 PM
297FeatureClosedNormalImageRepository for managing images09/13/2010 06:23 PM
294FeatureClosedNormaloca - XMLUtils, [] returning nil when the XML element has more levels inside.Daniel Molina10/21/2010 03:15 PM
218BugClosedNormalOCA cache doesn't get refreshed when doing a get_infoTino Vázquez07/19/2010 07:01 PM
202FeatureClosedNormalUpdate OCCI specificationTino Vázquez03/13/2011 08:49 PM
198FeatureClosedNormalOCA JAVA BindingsCarlos Martín03/24/2010 06:15 PM
174BugClosedLowCharacter & in strings breaks rexmlJavi Fontan07/01/2010 08:40 PM
152BugClosedNormalXML-RPC Documentation lacks response informationTino Vázquez05/16/2011 11:11 AM
142FeatureClosedNormalDesktop Installation of Client Cloud ToolsTino Vázquez10/23/2009 05:08 PM
135BugClosedNormalONE_AUTH Password Containing Period Is Different For Hash Stored In Database Than Hash Created When Running CommandsJavi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM
119BugClosedHighMigrate commands to the new OpenNebula Library Javi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM
117BugClosedNormalCheck for ONE_AUTH in all the commandsTino Vázquez07/03/2009 04:19 PM
70FeatureClosedHighone{vnet,vm,host} list should be available as API callsJavi Fontan02/06/2009 07:45 PM
66BugClosedHighOpenNebula should provide a shared libraryJavi Fontan01/23/2009 03:04 PM
51FeatureClosedNormalCLI MessagesJavi Fontan11/19/2008 12:44 PM
43BugClosedHighCLI connection errorsJavi Fontan11/06/2008 03:13 PM
38BugClosedHighWrong parsing of RAW data with "'"Tino Vázquez09/30/2008 05:31 PM
33FeatureClosedHighNeed for new methods for getting all hosts and all VMs informationJavi Fontan09/18/2009 12:14 PM
30BugClosedHighimprove error handling on parsing files.Javi Fontan07/26/2008 01:14 AM
24BugClosedHighUpdate history commandJavi Fontan07/15/2008 12:14 PM
23BugClosedHighMultiple value attributes are not properly shownTino Vázquez07/04/2008 03:11 PM
14FeatureClosedHighImprove build systemJavi Fontan09/30/2008 08:03 PM
13BugClosedHighStop action missingJavi Fontan06/24/2008 01:12 PM
11BugClosedHighHistory is not displayedJavi Fontan06/24/2008 01:21 PM
8FeatureClosedNormalDo not delete host, insted disabled themJavi Fontan05/06/2009 04:08 PM
7FeatureClosedHighFlexible hook mechanismJavi Fontan06/26/2008 11:23 AM
6RequestClosedHighAccounting commandsJavi Fontan03/04/2010 11:49 PM

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