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4810BacklogPendingSponsoredAbility to restrict hypervisor from connecting to frontend via SSHOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4933BacklogPendingSponsoredEnhance Showback attributesOpenNebula Systems Support Team
2654BacklogPendingHighAggregated dashboard for different ZonesTino Vázquez
2695BacklogPendingHighAdd a zone status API call Ruben S. Montero
3406BacklogPendingHighCloudbursting to other OpenNebula instanceCarlos Martín
3752BacklogPendingHighattach nic and attach disk should read defaults from vmm_exec_*.confTino Vázquez
4307BacklogPendingHighSystem administrator provided dynamic costingRoy Keene
4356BacklogPendingHighWorkaround libvirt spurious monitoring errorOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5242BacklogPendingNormalHighlight states in resources (Host, vnets)Tino Vázquez
5422BacklogPendingNormaladd abstraction between the VM's domain names and OpenNebula's VM IDsAnton Todorov
3897BacklogPendingLowFHS: remotes in "/var/lib/one" instead of "/usr/lib/one"?Dmitry Smirnov
4798BacklogPendingLowSecurity groups should support deny rules (and ordering)John Noss
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2569BacklogPendingHighImprove DB storage needsCarlos Martín
4289BacklogPendingHighonedb patch should permit to apply several modifications in one passEOLE Team
4399BacklogPendingHighAdd VNC/Spice keymap option to the CLIGuillaume Oberlé
410BacklogPendingNormalask for confirmation on delete operationolivier sallou
1491BacklogPendingNormalAdd new columns to oneacct that require some processingCarlos Martín
1788BacklogPendingNormalAdd --format option to show commandsJavi Fontan
2372BacklogPendingNormalAllow to filter CLI output by hidden columnsCarlos Martín
2373BacklogPendingNormalAdd CLI list options to allow better parsingCarlos Martín
3797BacklogNewNormaloneflow and oneflow-template ignore the no_proxy environment variable Laurent Grawet
3942BacklogPendingNormalsnapshot CLI commands should be able to refer objects by nameJavi Fontan
4170BacklogPendingNormaldynamic column size of the cli tablesJaime Melis
5448BacklogPendingNormaladd entry with onedb change-bodyAnton Todorov
1569BacklogNewLowImprove CLI commands: Add autocomplete on tab featureCarlos Martín

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