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4195BugClosedNormalImages saved from resized disks keep originzal size and not the resized11/24/2015 10:13 PM
4194BugClosedNormalService template instantiate fails if the role doesn't have the elasticity_policies attributeCarlos Martín11/24/2015 04:06 PM
4193BugClosedNormalUpdate password dialog tries to refresh the users tab, even if it is not enabledCarlos Martín11/24/2015 04:15 PM
4191BugClosedNormalService Template instantiate fails if there are elasticity policiesCarlos Martín11/24/2015 04:06 PM
4188BugClosedNormalTabs order is not preserved in ruby 1.8Carlos Martín11/24/2015 09:38 AM
4173BugClosedNormalMarketplace template parsingCarlos Martín11/23/2015 10:46 AM
4167BugClosedNormalUse in vcenter driver constants for VM stateTino Vázquez11/18/2015 02:39 PM
4146BugClosedHighAttached cdrom to existing VM can crash oned and the context image isn't moved as the latest deviceRuben S. Montero11/14/2015 10:12 PM
4137BugClosedNormalfix mkfs calling in scripts_common.sh11/11/2015 04:39 PM
4135BugClosedNormalSettings button requires the settings-tabCarlos Martín11/05/2015 03:03 PM
4134BugClosedNormalVM tab requires the info panel to enable the action buttonsCarlos Martín11/05/2015 02:46 PM
4131BugClosedNormalVNet cannot be deleted before a VM is instantiatedCarlos Martín11/12/2015 12:05 PM
4130BugClosedNormalcannot use files datastore if BRIDGE_LIST is set and frontend doesn't see those filesJavi Fontan11/16/2015 05:46 PM
4129BugClosedNormalcloud view shows 'undefined' capacityCarlos Martín11/03/2015 06:02 PM
4127BugClosedNormalformat and size swapped for volatile disks in storage tabDaniel Molina11/06/2015 12:38 PM
4124BugClosedNormalvCenter VMs within resource pool cannot be monitor nor importedTino Vázquez11/17/2015 06:14 PM
4123BugClosedNormaldisk_snapshot_total_size is not used by sunstone to calculate disk costCarlos Martín11/02/2015 05:05 PM
4122BugClosedNormaldisk_cost unit in sunstone is wrongCarlos Martín11/02/2015 05:04 PM
4121BugClosedNormalDefault cost is not used in sunstoneCarlos Martín11/16/2015 04:24 PM
4120BugClosedNormalService cooldown state should not have the error (red) colorCarlos Martín11/06/2015 11:47 AM
4119BugClosedNormalNew service wizard: Role cost does not add the disk cost, it uses only cpu and memCarlos Martín11/02/2015 05:06 PM
4118BugClosedNormalService role cost can show NaNCarlos Martín11/02/2015 12:03 PM
4117BugClosedNormalcpu and mem cost is not visible in template instantiateCarlos Martín11/03/2015 04:29 PM
4115BugClosedNormalCardinality slider does not honor min and max valuesCarlos Martín11/02/2015 11:09 AM
4114BugClosedNormalDatatable warning for vm capacityCarlos Martín11/03/2015 05:29 PM
4113BugClosedNormalInstance type description text is cut shortCarlos Martín11/06/2015 03:07 PM
4112BugClosedNormalCheck if LDAP enconding is working fine in SunstoneJavi Fontan11/13/2015 10:55 AM
4108BugClosedHighsaveas action create non-persistent imageCarlos Martín11/19/2015 11:19 AM
4105BugClosedNormalVM Template update leaves incorrect html chars for START_SCRIPTCarlos Martín10/29/2015 10:33 AM
4104BugClosedNormalWhen updating quotas: sliders do not change the input valuesCarlos Martín10/28/2015 03:29 PM
4103BugClosedNormalMake Cancel action more resiliant in vCenterJavi Fontan11/17/2015 02:02 PM
4100BugClosedNormalNew user wizard: inputs for quotas cannot be editedCarlos Martín10/28/2015 03:29 PM
4099BugClosedNormalTips contain html escaped charactersCarlos Martín11/04/2015 04:33 PM
4098BugClosedNormalFix quota percentages in cloud view dashboardCarlos Martín10/27/2015 03:09 PM
4095BugClosedNormalAdd patch as dependency to nokogiri in install_gemsJavi Fontan10/26/2015 04:01 PM
4094BugClosedNormalaccess to system datastores is not checked against datastore permissions for user/group/othersCarlos Martín10/29/2015 04:16 PM
4093BugClosedNormalPublished docs have missing TODO'sJaime Melis11/18/2015 02:13 PM
4092BugClosedNormallvm datastore size is incorrect (MiB vs MB)Javi Fontan11/11/2015 03:00 PM
4088BugClosedNormalPagination issue with info calls on poolsRuben S. Montero10/27/2015 03:24 PM
4087BugClosedNormalVM - Create button text when an error occursCarlos Martín10/28/2015 09:28 AM
4085BugClosedNormalExtend vCenter context documentation with all supported parametersJavi Fontan11/24/2015 02:16 PM
4080BugClosedNormalCheck if new VMs can be instantiated using templates with a RAW section11/06/2015 11:37 AM
4077BugClosedNormalInconsistency in xsd includesCarlos Martín10/29/2015 10:11 AM
4076BugClosedNormalWild VMs within Resource Pool cannot be importedTino Vázquez11/06/2015 10:03 AM
4073BugClosedNormalDocs still mention VOLATILE_DISK instead of SYSTEM_DISK_SIZEJaime Melis11/18/2015 01:33 PM
4071BugClosedNormalDefault name for new services is not consistent across viewsCarlos Martín11/02/2015 02:03 PM
4069BugClosedNormalResize values lower than original disk size are silently ignoredCarlos Martín11/06/2015 12:35 PM
4067BugClosedNormalTemplate editing wizard cannot save if CONTEXT custom variable have parenthesis in the valueCarlos Martín10/28/2015 04:31 PM
4063BugClosedNormalUpdate virtualbox sandbox 4.14Carlos Martín10/23/2015 08:35 AM
4061BugClosedNormaldisk sizes not updated when VM is in PowerOff state11/13/2015 02:52 PM

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