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839BugClosedNormalScheduler doesn't understand new auth. tokensCarlos Martín09/29/2011 09:46 AM
835BugClosedNormalEmpty manpagesJavi Fontan10/04/2011 08:29 AM
833BugClosedNormaloZones Sunstone is missing some attributesHector Sanjuan09/29/2011 03:22 PM
832BugClosedNormalonedb is brokenRuben S. Montero09/27/2011 09:43 AM
831BugClosedNormalAdapt novnc installer to the new yaml configuration formatDaniel Molina09/28/2011 09:57 AM
830BugClosedNormalsaveas with "No Path in Template" errorRuben S. Montero09/24/2011 05:57 PM
829BugClosedNormalNoMethodError at /login undefined method `confing' for Sinatra::Application:ClassHector Sanjuan09/24/2011 06:48 PM
827BugClosedNormalrequire 'yaml' missing in econe-server.rbRuben S. Montero09/27/2011 05:06 AM
820BugClosedNormalHooks on create are triggered even if the creation failsCarlos Martín09/22/2011 09:58 AM
819BugClosedNormalonevdc delete functionality brokenDaniel Molina09/23/2011 02:46 PM
817FeatureClosedNormalAdd/remove Hosts from VDCTino Vázquez09/29/2011 10:50 AM
816BugClosedNormalozones-server lock fileDaniel Molina09/19/2011 03:32 PM
815BugClosedNormaluninitialized constant OzonesServer::JSONUtils (NameError)Daniel Molina09/19/2011 03:32 PM
812BugClosedNormalonedb fails with MySQLCarlos Martín09/19/2011 03:05 PM
811BugClosedNormalBug in occi-server when deleting imageTino Vázquez09/15/2011 11:02 AM
810BugClosedNormalA missing DEV_PREFIX for Images is not detectedRuben S. Montero09/16/2011 10:24 AM
809BugClosedNormalonedb does not work password with special characters.Carlos Martín09/27/2011 10:59 AM
808BugClosedNormalKVM/Libvirt doesn't allow non consecutive devicesJavi Fontan10/03/2011 09:14 AM
806BugClosedNormalA VM with more than one OS Images shouldn't be allowedCarlos Martín09/20/2011 04:25 PM
805BugClosedNormalonevm saveas creates the new Image in 'ready' stateRuben S. Montero09/16/2011 10:01 AM
804BugClosedNormalThe Image Manager tries to move non-existent filesCarlos Martín09/20/2011 04:26 PM
803BugClosedNormalAuthentication method options needs documentationJavi Fontan10/03/2011 09:10 AM
802BugClosedNormalDefault configuration files for x509 authentication driverCarlos Martín09/09/2011 11:58 AM
800BugClosedNormalinstall_gems fails when installing gem xmlparserJavi Fontan09/13/2011 02:35 PM
799FeatureClosedNormalRefactor opennebula.js, ozones.js codeHector Sanjuan09/12/2011 03:39 PM

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