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1815BacklogPendingHighUnattended run of install_gemsGiovanni Toraldo
2002BacklogNewHighAdjust CPU ratio on running instancesLaurent Grawet
2042BacklogPendingHighSupport graceful VM deletion from UNDEPLOYCarlos Martín
2402BacklogPendingHighKeep track of allocated storage in DSCarlos Martín
2412BacklogPendingHighAbility to lock VM from accidental actionsAndrey Perminov
2650BacklogPendingHighRe-read oned.conf on reloadStefan Kooman
2655BacklogPendingHighSupport for novnc token through xmlrpc api (i.e. one.vm.token/one.vm.novnctoken)Stefan Kooman
3042BacklogPendingHighHugepage backed memory support海涛 肖
3195BacklogPendingHighappmarket-worker for simple OVA import without a marketCarlo Daffara
3206BacklogPendingHighUse the same timezone in oneacct and sunstoneCarlos Martín
3210BacklogPendingHighExtend quota subsystemTino Vázquez
3211BacklogPendingHighEnable/disable specific features at API levelTino Vázquez
3219BacklogPendingHighset/change ethernet link stateCarlo Daffara
3298BacklogPendingHighSet the range to genrate VLAN-IDsRuben S. Montero
3379BacklogPendingHighAutomatically remove orphan entries from quota sectionKiran Ranjane
3388BacklogPendingHighVolatile disk persistencyolivier sallou
3403BacklogPendingHighAdd time frame to quotasCarlos Martín
3784BacklogPendingHighIP(v6) alias(es) supportStefan Kooman
3909BacklogPendingHighExpose advisory locks for VM, consider them in VM operationsRuben S. Montero
3954BacklogPendingHighOnline resize memory for VMStefan Kooman
4079BacklogNewHighImplement log rotate for all the opennebula servicesDaniel Molina
4190BacklogPendingHighExtend Showback to include storageTino Vázquez
4272BacklogPendingHighenable snapshot flatten for non-persistent disksAnton Todorov
4354BacklogPendingHighEnhance overcommitment configurationOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4420BacklogPendingHighAdd quota for VCPUBill Cole

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