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5393BugClosedNormalVM snapshot revert/delete works with wrong snapshotsVlastimil Holer09/25/2017 03:53 PM
5359BugClosedLowVM force shutdown - output of shutdown command is executed09/22/2017 09:19 AM
5340BugClosedNormal(ec2, azure) fix instance types scriptsSergio Semedi09/05/2017 02:45 PM
5277BugClosedNormalAzure Vms multiLocation supportSergio Semedi10/06/2017 12:41 PM
5248BugClosedNormalEC2 errors should be reported to the driverSergio Semedi07/27/2017 05:51 PM
5227BugClosedHighVM can not start due to already binded VNC address07/12/2017 04:26 PM
5151BacklogClosedHighGet list of open ports on hypervisor dynamically07/12/2017 09:02 AM
5145BugClosedNormalSnapshots metadata keeps in VM after disk detachJaime Melis06/05/2017 01:46 PM
5136FeatureClosedNormalImprove ec2 key_ids securitySergio Semedi07/06/2017 02:29 PM
5114BugClosedNormalvms from ec2 host fails in stopping (aw2) stateSergio Semedi07/10/2017 01:07 PM
5113BugClosedNormalImprove exception handling ec2 driversSergio Semedi04/21/2017 09:01 AM
5059BugClosedSponsoredEC2 public IPs not displayed correctly Sergio Semedi06/21/2017 10:27 AM
5056BugClosedSponsoredEC2 elastic ip functionality brokenTino Vázquez07/12/2017 03:21 PM
5046BugClosedHighvCenter VMM poll returns escaped quotesJavi Fontan02/28/2017 04:08 PM
5035BugClosedNormalqcow2 snapshot should specify backing_fmt=qcow2 for apparmor to work properlyJavi Fontan07/10/2017 11:31 AM
4972BugClosedNormalVMM driver thread crashes when failure info is not availableJavi Fontan05/24/2017 04:12 PM
4971BugClosedNormalEC2 drivers do not correctly wait for VM creationSergio Semedi06/06/2017 01:09 PM
4966RequestClosedNormalSupport for migration of VM between vCenter Clusters03/28/2017 11:19 AM
4954FeatureClosedNormalMinor improvements in ec2 driversSergio Semedi07/06/2017 03:42 PM
4914FeatureClosedNormalSupport clusters in vCenter with spaces in their name03/28/2017 11:21 AM
4909BugClosedSponsoredTAGS attribute are not being set in EC201/13/2017 04:43 PM
4764BugClosedNormalHotplug of ceph volatile disks doesn't workRuben S. Montero11/05/2017 10:51 AM
4761BugClosedNormalMAD logging does not workJaime Melis09/06/2016 01:03 PM
4731BugClosedNormalSPICE_OPTIONS are not added to deployment fileJavi Fontan08/22/2016 04:41 PM
4716FeatureClosedNormalAdd timeouts for driver actionsJavi Fontan09/14/2016 09:38 AM
4708FeatureClosedNormalstop execution of the drivers if a command in a pipe failsRuben S. Montero09/01/2016 02:07 PM
4707FeatureClosedNormaldouble-check and retry ec2 api methods and responsesJaime Melis09/13/2016 03:46 PM
4670FeatureClosedNormalImprove error message when ec2_driver.conf has wrong yaml syntaxJaime Melis09/13/2016 08:50 AM
4602BugClosedHighcannot attach NIC if contextualization missing in KVM VMJavi Fontan07/19/2016 03:53 PM
4459BugClosedNormalSkip dead VMs in kvm pollingJavi Fontan05/17/2016 02:04 PM
4398BugClosedNormalCEPH attach does not work for CDROM04/14/2016 08:39 AM
4385BugClosedNormalInstantiation in VCenter takes a lot of time when there are many VMsJavi Fontan03/30/2016 02:00 PM
4364BugClosedNormalFix vm action checks for Azure & Softlayer drivers Tino Vázquez05/20/2016 04:05 PM
4362BugClosedNormalKVM monitoring is very slow monitoring more than 20 VMsJavi Fontan05/06/2016 02:37 PM
4358FeatureClosedNormaladditional info to VM XML vit the metadata field (kvm)03/03/2016 11:55 AM
4344BugClosedNormalt1.micro instances cannot be imported from EC2Tino Vázquez05/20/2016 04:53 PM
4334BugClosedHighEc2 monitoring information is not shown for regular users04/05/2016 08:54 AM
4291BugClosedNormalmissing MIGRATE_OPTIONS variable in vmm/kvm/migrate_live01/15/2016 09:58 AM
4285BugClosedNormalElastic IP fails spuriously due to wrong stateTino Vázquez05/31/2016 01:49 PM
4279BugClosedSponsoredebs_optimized attribute not properly rendered in EC2 templatesTino Vázquez01/11/2016 04:46 PM
4267BugClosedNormalec2 polling not working for non oneadmin VMs12/30/2015 09:11 PM
4256FeatureClosedNormalInclude new t2.nano instance typeJaime Melis05/05/2016 01:35 PM
4236BugClosedNormalFault tolerance hook should handle POWEROFF statesRuben S. Montero06/03/2016 06:12 PM
4233BugClosedNormalDomain-0 should not be "importable" as a VM05/17/2016 02:35 PM
4232BugClosedNormalDisk polling for Xen always returns an empty list of disks05/06/2016 10:27 AM
4231BugClosedNormalXen Polling is broken for VMs with long names (and therefore importing VMs too)04/05/2016 10:52 AM
4176FeatureClosedNormalUpdate aws-sdk-ruby gem to version 2Javi Fontan08/22/2016 04:33 PM
4166FeatureClosedNormalAdd CONTEXT support for EC2 instancesDaniel Molina11/18/2015 03:36 PM
4164BugClosedNormalImported Xen VMs can not be resumed after poweroffCarlos Martín05/06/2016 10:34 AM
4157FeatureClosedNormalAdd support for qemu guest agentJaime Melis05/05/2016 08:53 AM
4155FeatureClosedNormalRemove :detach and :suspend strategies for disk snapshots for VMs in ACTIVE-RUNNINGJaime Melis06/01/2016 11:11 AM
4152FeatureClosedNormalInclude a name for imported SoftLayer VMsTino Vázquez11/16/2015 05:55 PM
4143BugClosedNormalBetter exception control in ec2 library07/21/2017 11:22 AM
4132FeatureClosedNormalImprove hybrid integration07/21/2017 11:22 AM
4082FeatureClosedNormalMake User Data from EC2 available as User InputTino Vázquez10/30/2015 04:55 PM
4064FeatureClosedNormalAdd quiesce support to qcow2 based disk snapshots for VM's with guest-agent supportJavi Fontan11/13/2015 03:51 PM
4034BugClosedNormalFix import TEMPLATE for SL driverTino Vázquez10/07/2015 04:03 PM
4009BugClosedNormalImporting vms from EC2 provides a wrong CPU value10/07/2015 04:09 PM
4007FeatureClosedNormalExtend EC2 instance types with the new generation onesDaniel Molina09/29/2015 09:38 AM
3989BacklogClosedNormalpersistent image in ERROR status after VM deleteJaime Melis07/12/2017 04:43 PM
3981FeatureClosedHighgeneric disk polling for block devicesJavi Fontan05/17/2016 10:32 AM
3940FeatureClosedNormalPass VMM_DRIVER_ACTION to driversJaime Melis05/03/2016 10:30 AM
3937BugClosedNormalAfter disk snapshot with suspend / resume vlan does not get (re-)tagged on openvswitch09/03/2015 11:37 AM
3913BacklogClosedNormalAdd support for io='native' in the KVM drivers09/15/2015 09:25 AM
3843FeatureClosedNormal"wrong" ip address shown for vms running in an EC2 host (hybrid cloud)Tino Vázquez08/28/2015 03:54 PM
3818BugClosedNormalShutdown does not exit gracefully in VMFS driversTino Vázquez05/26/2015 03:36 PM
3811BugClosedNormalremotes kvm.rb probe improvementJavi Fontan05/19/2015 03:48 PM
3774BugClosedNormalEC2 driver - poweroff in opennebula terminates the vm in the amazon cloudTino Vázquez08/18/2015 05:33 PM
3768BugClosedSponsoreddestination node not cleaned up when migrate --live failJavi Fontan09/14/2015 11:08 AM
3765FeatureClosedNormalonenebula 4.12 spice support is not implemented in xen4Javi Fontan05/11/2015 11:05 AM
3763BugClosedNormalKVM: Detach leaves the device defined, a new attach fails07/13/2015 11:15 AM
3753BugClosedHighAdd support for security group ids, to use vpcs providing a subnet in EC2Daniel Molina09/15/2015 01:23 PM
3750BugClosedNormalxen (live) migration/suspend/resume is incompatible with disk/nic attach/detachJavi Fontan05/06/2016 10:46 AM
3741BugClosedNoneSnapshot revert stops working after some iterations 04/10/2015 08:56 PM
3730FeatureClosedHighAdd CONTEXT information to hybrid context 11/27/2015 04:01 PM
3718FeatureClosedNormalGet disk space usage (real and virtual)08/17/2015 08:00 AM
3706FeatureClosedNormalDeprecate Xen 3 hypervisorJavi Fontan04/08/2016 02:44 PM
3691FeatureClosedHighAdd VNC to imported VMs with open VNC portTino Vázquez03/30/2015 04:16 PM
3662BugClosedHighdelete --recreate does not work in vCenterTino Vázquez03/24/2015 02:27 PM
3632BugClosedNormalDistributed Switched with no vlan prevents network importTino Vázquez02/24/2015 05:12 PM
3624FeatureClosedHighRevisit KVM/libvirt to OpenNebula state mapping11/20/2017 05:07 PM
3622BugClosedNormalReject one-* VMs for import in vcenter_driver and coreJaime Melis02/23/2015 06:53 PM
3618BugClosedNormalDefine timeout for softlayer requestsDaniel Molina02/19/2015 03:45 PM
3611BugClosedNormalAvailability zone cannot be defined for amazon ec2 driverDaniel Molina02/18/2015 06:15 PM
3550BugClosedNormalGuestinfo may not be properly set in Vcenter driverTino Vázquez09/23/2015 09:45 AM
3546BugClosedNormalpoweroff hard after poweroff is not working in KVMRuben S. Montero07/13/2015 11:17 AM
3532FeatureClosedNormalAdd more information on WILD VMsTino Vázquez06/29/2015 09:41 AM
3473FeatureClosedNormalAdd unsafe flag for cache=none images in KVM02/20/2015 12:16 PM
3334BugClosedNormalvcenter driver fails when sending multiple actionsJavi Fontan11/17/2014 11:34 AM
3301BugClosedNormalfault tolerance hook randomly migrates VM03/04/2015 12:06 AM
3261BacklogClosedHighAdd LOCATION for vCenter drivers03/03/2015 11:22 PM
3229BugClosedNormalMouse pointer does not move in VNC for VMwareTino Vázquez10/08/2014 02:55 PM
3216BugClosedNormalvmm/xen4: xl reset: command not implementedJavi Fontan10/26/2014 09:46 PM
3185BugClosedNormalaws-sdk gem needs to be version 1.33Javi Fontan10/20/2014 10:03 AM
3148BugClosedNormalVMware attach disk does not capture errors correctlyJavi Fontan10/21/2014 01:32 PM
3145BugClosedNormalIf more than one PUBLIC_CLOUD is defined, instance type for softlayer is the first one instead of the correct oneTino Vázquez10/02/2014 10:41 AM
3143BugClosedNormalIf more than one PUBLIC_CLOUD es defined in the template the default region does not workTino Vázquez10/02/2014 10:41 AM
3141BugClosedNormalHybrid templates are destroyed if updated through the Sunstone wizard11/03/2014 12:43 PM
3140BugClosedNormalvariable not defined in some error messages10/02/2014 10:41 AM
3139BugClosedNormalDrivers do not work with rbenv09/16/2016 10:41 AM
3085BacklogClosedHighsnapshots, persistent across reboots, migrations, and shutdowns05/18/2016 06:00 PM
3053FeatureClosedNormalMulti-Queue virtio-scsiJavi Fontan05/23/2017 08:20 AM
2989FeatureClosedNormalIntegrate with Microsoft Azure APITino Vázquez07/18/2014 04:44 PM
2975FeatureClosedNormalReview management of context attributes for hybrid cloudsTino Vázquez06/24/2014 03:12 AM
2966BugClosedNormalreserve_memory_in_disk parameter in vmware drivers does not workJavi Fontan07/11/2014 08:48 AM
2959FeatureClosedNormalIntegrate with SoftLayer APITino Vázquez07/18/2014 04:44 PM
2948BugClosedNormalXen localtime template bugJavi Fontan06/11/2014 12:03 PM
2911FeatureClosedNormalImplement vCenter driver10/10/2014 08:34 AM
2910BugClosedNormalDynamic networking mode in VMware brokenTino Vázquez05/21/2014 09:10 AM
2900BugClosedNormalProblem with onevm (and sunstone)06/09/2014 08:34 AM
2887FeatureClosedNormalSupport a proxy configuration option for the AWS hybrid cloudJaime Melis05/12/2014 04:12 PM
2879FeatureClosedNormalDisable host level swap for VMware hypervisorsTino Vázquez05/16/2014 09:26 AM
2878BugClosedNormalContext filesystem is not mounted with Xen4 and Centos6.505/07/2014 05:35 PM
2873BugClosedNormalVMware: Failed restore operation leaves VM defined in ESX Tino Vázquez05/16/2014 09:25 AM
2859BugClosedHighError instantiating virtual machinesJavi Fontan05/12/2014 03:45 PM
2821BugClosedNormalonehost create EC2-zone results in "Command execution fail" if capacity is not filled in for all instance typesRuben S. Montero04/09/2014 11:55 AM
2820BugClosedNormalEC2 VM Template with "KEYPAIR" containing a "white space" leads to error parsing monitoring informationRuben S. Montero04/09/2014 11:54 AM
2789BugClosedNormalError deploy VM with xen4 (test on Centos 6.5)06/06/2014 12:20 PM
2769BugClosedNormalVirtual Machines changing to unknown state after renameJavi Fontan03/17/2014 12:09 PM
2718FeatureClosedNormalImprove timeout handling of pending virsh requests in VMware02/25/2014 03:25 PM
2690FeatureClosedNormalImprove Windows performance in KVM01/29/2014 05:36 PM
2657BugClosedNormalVMM drivers do not send just one action per hostJavi Fontan01/29/2014 12:39 AM
2630BugClosedNormalMonitoring of a host can fail during a VM shutdownJavi Fontan02/19/2014 04:54 PM
2585BugClosedNormalVNC does not work with Xen HVMJavi Fontan03/27/2014 06:41 PM
2561BacklogClosedHighSupport VMware linked clones11/20/2017 05:39 PM
2511BugClosedNormalEC2 Tags are not correctly formatted before sending them to EC2Daniel Molina04/06/2015 10:22 AM
2483BugClosedNormalProperly support cdrom in Xen HVMJavi Fontan01/13/2014 01:48 PM
2467BugClosedNormallive migration in xen4Jaime Melis11/25/2013 11:44 AM
2435FeatureClosedNormalAdd more information to Hybrid VMs (EC2)Tino Vázquez11/25/2013 04:50 PM
2434FeatureClosedNormalAdd more information to Hybrid VMs (EC2)12/28/2013 09:01 PM
2428FeatureClosedHighAdd aws-sdk dependency in install_gems for ec2 hybrid driverJavi Fontan11/06/2013 11:49 AM
2398FeatureClosedNormalUndefine VMs in VMware vCenter when definedTino Vázquez10/24/2013 10:02 AM
2388BugClosedNormalBroken resume action in EC2 driversTino Vázquez10/24/2013 02:31 PM
2297FeatureClosedNormalImprove attach disk error messagesJavi Fontan06/27/2014 10:49 AM
2291BugClosedNormalthere is no rollback action for failed disk attach actions09/03/2013 11:33 AM
2289FeatureClosedNormalImprove hybrid cloud driversTino Vázquez11/07/2013 11:03 AM
2258BugClosedNormalInvalid RAW syntax found in vmm_exec conf filesJaime Melis08/23/2013 04:40 PM
2257BugClosedNormalManage command paths for different distributionsJaime Melis10/08/2013 01:05 PM
2179BugClosedNormalWrong VMware CPU monitoringTino Vázquez07/22/2013 03:01 PM
2174BugClosedNormalFix KVM CPU probeJavi Fontan07/15/2013 03:29 PM
2173BugClosedNormalXen reboot does not work Javi Fontan11/15/2013 05:34 PM
2144BugClosedNormalperform rollback of attach new disk on failureRuben S. Montero11/10/2013 07:41 PM
2131BugClosedNormalthe disk_attach scripts require a DRIVER attributeJavi Fontan11/12/2013 10:13 PM
2052BacklogClosedNormalSupport for linked clones12/26/2013 11:22 PM
1995BugClosedNormalDATA_VMX not working when no OS diskTino Vázquez05/16/2013 11:38 PM
1977BacklogClosedNormalRe implement VMware drivers VI API calls03/03/2015 11:20 PM
1943BugClosedNormalVM state flips between RUNNING and UNKNOWN05/09/2013 12:20 PM
1841BugClosedLowCheckpoint files should be removed after restoring a VMJavi Fontan08/24/2013 03:40 PM
1762FeatureClosedNormalImplement Xen FEATURESJavi Fontan02/20/2014 09:45 AM
1704BugClosedNormalRare failure to deploy VM05/13/2013 10:05 PM
1163FeatureClosedHighMigrate from xm to xl (libxenlight based cli)Javi Fontan08/17/2013 10:08 PM
621FeatureClosedNormalDynamic CPU load for VMs12/28/2013 08:56 PM
588FeatureClosedLowAbility to specify boot order for VM06/07/2013 08:08 AM

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