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747BugClosedNormalone* top commands do not refresh the informationDaniel Molina08/30/2011 04:56 PM
746FeatureClosedNormalRefactor Sunstone codeHector Sanjuan08/30/2011 10:11 AM
745BugClosedNormalMissing ARGUMENT FORMATS description in man pagesJavi Fontan09/12/2011 12:05 PM
744BugClosedNormalozones needs data_mapper gem, not datamapperJavi Fontan07/21/2011 02:31 PM
743BugClosedNormalinstall_gems breaks when lsb_release command is not installedJavi Fontan10/04/2011 01:37 PM
742BugClosedNormal'oneimage nonpersistent' is allowed for used ImagesCarlos Martín07/27/2011 08:17 AM
741BugClosedNormalonevm saveas does not show the new Image IDJavi Fontan07/26/2011 10:41 AM
740BugClosedNormaloZones admin should be able to chose VDC users ACLsTino Vázquez09/23/2011 03:32 PM
738FeatureClosedNormalAdd ACL plugin to SunstoneHector Sanjuan07/26/2011 09:10 AM
737FeatureClosedNormalUse prefix for OpenNebula installations instead of ONE_LOCATIONJavi Fontan07/12/2012 09:53 AM
736BugClosedNormalopensuse and centos packages should place oneadmin's home in /var/lib/oneJaime Melis08/31/2011 04:35 PM
735FeatureClosedNormalInclude firewalls in Sunstone VM wizardsHector Sanjuan08/30/2011 10:18 AM
734BugClosedNormalCLI doesn't translate the resource names for regular usersDaniel Molina08/30/2011 04:58 PM
733BugClosedNormalonetemplate instantiate and sunstone are missing the optional "name"Hector Sanjuan08/30/2011 10:17 AM
732BugClosedNormalAdd new int type in CLI's DSL argument typesJavi Fontan07/21/2011 03:36 PM
731BugClosedNormalozone should work with ruby1.9Javi Fontan08/30/2011 09:10 AM
730BugClosedNormalozone and ovdc CLI shouldn't break in show with no numeric argumentDaniel Molina09/08/2011 02:35 PM
729BugClosedNormalOzones startup scriptJavi Fontan07/21/2011 11:49 AM
728BugClosedNormaloZones CLI should be able to present aggregated resources fro zonesTino Vázquez09/23/2011 03:30 PM
727BugClosedNormalSyntax consistency for OpenNebula modules10/04/2011 08:42 AM
726FeatureClosedNormalColor consistency in Sunstone plotsHector Sanjuan07/26/2011 09:15 AM
725BugClosedNormaloZones replicates Sunstone vendorsHector Sanjuan07/26/2011 09:14 AM
724BugClosedNormalonedb fails when the destination sqlite file does not existDaniel Molina08/30/2011 04:58 PM
723BugClosedNormalError processing in SunstoneHector Sanjuan07/27/2011 11:20 AM
722BugClosedNormalDeploy Hostname not shown in SunstoneHector Sanjuan07/27/2011 11:20 AM
721BugClosedNormalDelete and create user with the same nameCarlos Martín07/28/2011 09:57 AM
720FeatureClosedNormalAdd extra authentication to the acct moduleDaniel Molina08/30/2011 02:52 PM
719BugClosedNormalUsers are not removed from their group when deletedCarlos Martín07/21/2011 10:29 PM
718FeatureClosedNormalUsers should not be able to manually deploy VMsCarlos Martín09/15/2011 09:54 AM
717BugClosedNormal2 VM cannot use the same image07/12/2011 09:49 PM
716BugClosedNormalMonitoring will not show information if there is no resourceDaniel Molina09/16/2011 10:54 AM
715FeatureClosedNormalChange tm_nfs driver name to tm_sharedJavi Fontan09/15/2011 04:35 PM
714FeatureClosedNormalAdd column description to the CLI helpJavi Fontan12/20/2011 11:06 AM
713BugClosedNormalon systems where libraries may be strored in lib64 configuration failsJaime Melis07/27/2012 07:55 PM
712BugClosedNormalHostPool get method is not const correct10/04/2011 12:44 PM
711BugClosedNormalTest code does not build with gcc 4.6.010/04/2011 12:43 PM
710BugClosedNormalScheduler, VM requirements with custom var from the Information Manager07/12/2011 12:09 PM
709BugClosedNormalMonitoring Subsystem : custom metric is not forgotten when undefined07/12/2011 12:14 PM
708FeatureClosedNormalUpdate Sunstone Server to use the instantiate template methodHector Sanjuan07/12/2011 12:15 PM
707BugClosedNormalCrash when doing onevm showJavi Fontan07/21/2011 10:34 AM
706BugClosedNormalDEFAULT_DEVICE_PREFIX in oned.conf doesn't workCarlos Martín07/21/2011 10:30 AM
705BugClosedNormalSunstone: no such file to load -- HostMonitor.rb (LoadError)Hector Sanjuan07/05/2011 09:06 AM
704BugClosedNormalCLI: If the configuration file is malformed, use defaultDaniel Molina07/12/2011 01:43 PM
703BugClosedHighUnable to load vmm_ec2: MAD did not answer INIT commandJavi Fontan06/30/2011 05:40 PM
702BugClosedNormaloned crashed 07/07/2011 03:47 PM
701BugClosedNormaldefault oned.conf im_kvm problem adding hostJavi Fontan07/01/2011 11:45 AM
700FeatureClosedNormalSpecify VLAN_IDJaime Melis06/27/2011 05:16 PM
699FeatureClosedNormalUpdate EC2 small.erb file defining Networks by ID instead of NAMEDaniel Molina07/12/2011 09:23 AM
698BugClosedHighMerging #Feature 573 broke #Feature 548 (sunstone location independant)Jaime Melis06/27/2011 10:27 AM
697BugClosedNormalRemove duplicated functionality in OCA11/17/2011 09:55 PM
696FeatureClosedNormalNew component for accounting and monitoringDaniel Molina07/11/2011 05:16 PM
695BugClosedNormalFalse timeouts in authorizationRuben S. Montero09/16/2011 04:51 PM
691BugClosedNormalHardcoded ssh protocol in transfer manager ( ?Ruben S. Montero03/30/2012 03:05 PM
690BugClosedNormalWrong IM driver protocolJavi Fontan07/12/2011 01:36 PM
689FeatureClosedNormalAdapt LDAP to new authZ/authN frameworkOpenNebula Systems Support Team07/07/2015 09:57 AM
688RequestClosedNormalAbility to change column widths in command line outputDaniel Molina07/12/2011 02:02 PM
687FeatureClosedNormalImplement an ACL engineRuben S. Montero07/12/2011 01:38 PM
686BugClosedNormalFix OneMonitor start/stop, logging with SunstoneHector Sanjuan06/16/2011 04:55 PM
685BugClosedNormalxmlrpc exceptions when getting pools of elements intensivelyRuben S. Montero07/12/2011 01:40 PM
684FeatureClosedNormalImprove multiple template wizard handlingHector Sanjuan06/15/2011 09:04 PM
683FeatureClosedNormalRFC : Have a kernel/initrd/file repository11/25/2012 11:05 PM
682BugClosedNormalSunstone: missing OneMonitor entry in install.shHector Sanjuan07/11/2011 03:12 PM
681BugClosedNormalOCCI server should handle better 500 and 404 errorsTino Vázquez06/14/2011 03:59 PM
680FeatureClosedNormalonehost sync should be handled by the coreRuben S. Montero07/12/2011 01:52 PM
679RequestClosedNormalAdd arbitrary data to any object10/29/2012 11:49 AM
678BugClosedLowStartup should create dir for pid file if it does not existsJaime Melis11/27/2013 03:47 PM
677BugClosedNormalDocumentation is misleadingTino Vázquez12/22/2011 01:56 PM
676BugClosedNormalVM suspend fails if done multiple timesJaime Melis12/22/2011 11:31 AM
675BacklogPendingLowAdd enable/disable functionality for Templates12/27/2013 05:34 PM
674BugClosedNormalDebian init.d script fails to start onedJaime Melis08/31/2011 04:35 PM
673FeatureClosedNormallimit rate for a NICJaime Melis06/14/2011 09:10 AM
672BugClosedNormalSunstone does not support extended ASCII characters inside the user passwordHector Sanjuan07/21/2011 08:20 AM
671BugClosedNormalNIC model in a xen machineJaime Melis06/07/2011 03:30 PM
670BugClosedNormalFix to a security vulnerability in context creationJavi Fontan06/07/2011 02:48 PM
669BugClosedLow"Confirm with select" dialogs auto close when tables are autorefreshedHector Sanjuan06/15/2011 04:22 PM
668BugClosedNormalCancel action should execute standard epilogCarlos Martín09/27/2011 12:18 PM
667FeatureClosedNormalMulti-tier component for OpenNebulaTino Vázquez07/19/2011 03:58 PM
666RequestClosedNormalCopy links as links rather than files when registering an imageRuben S. Montero06/01/2011 11:22 PM
665BacklogClosedHighAllow rate limiting of a VIF.09/26/2017 08:03 AM
664FeatureClosedLowPrefilter "arguments" for actions/commandsHector Sanjuan05/26/2011 09:16 PM
662FeatureClosedNormalImprove Request Manager ImplementationRuben S. Montero07/12/2011 01:54 PM
661FeatureClosedNormalRefactor the CLIDaniel Molina06/24/2011 01:08 PM
660BacklogPendingHightm_ssh with local image cache05/13/2013 10:18 PM
659BugClosedHighThread dead lock in ActionManager.rbRuben S. Montero03/31/2012 12:56 PM
658BugClosedNormalSunstone incorrectly displays datesHector Sanjuan05/23/2011 03:01 PM
657BugClosedNormalSunstone does not honor the VM name (VM created with template)Daniel Molina05/23/2011 04:12 PM
656BugClosedNormalXen poll script fails for some Xen versionsJavi Fontan09/01/2011 03:10 PM
655FeatureClosedNormalChange Resource referencesDaniel Molina07/19/2011 04:05 PM
654FeatureClosedNormalReboot action for VMsTino Vázquez07/12/2011 02:15 PM
653FeatureClosedNormalResources can only be referenced by their IDRuben S. Montero07/12/2011 01:58 PM
652BacklogClosedLowHybrid storage, importing images to OpenNebulaDaniel Molina05/13/2013 08:19 PM
651FeatureClosedNormalAdd Non Blocking Generic Command ClassDaniel Molina07/11/2011 05:18 PM
650FeatureClosedNormalEnable graphs in SunstoneHector Sanjuan06/16/2011 05:05 PM
649BugClosedNormalcannot use a iso based cdrom in vmwareTino Vázquez07/21/2011 11:14 AM script is not LSB compliantJaime Melis08/31/2011 04:34 PM
647BugClosedNormalCLI -l option fails with an exception when column is unknownDaniel Molina07/12/2011 02:14 PM
645BugClosedHighDo not use "" to iterate over js Arrays in SunstoneHector Sanjuan05/16/2011 03:06 PM
644FeatureClosedNormalAllow selection of IP when using predefined network in SunstoneHector Sanjuan05/16/2011 03:06 PM
643FeatureClosedNormalDropdown select when save_as machine image in SunstoneHector Sanjuan05/16/2011 03:06 PM
642FeatureClosedNormalPut the template template in a new tabHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
641FeatureClosedNormalAdd instantiate button to the templates tabHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
640FeatureClosedNormalReduce space between template subattributesHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
639FeatureClosedNormalAdd file browser for the images path in image creation wizardHector Sanjuan07/21/2011 11:15 AM
638FeatureClosedNormalEnlarge image description input in the image creation wizardHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
637BugClosedNormalRemotes should only be under VARJaime Melis05/13/2011 02:42 PM
636BugClosedNormalGanglia VM monitor does not report shutdown VMJavi Fontan04/16/2012 09:56 AM
635BugClosedNormalTemplate Reference in the documentation should include VMware informationTino Vázquez05/17/2011 01:53 PM
633RequestClosedNormalProvide all VM information to drivers05/08/2013 09:02 PM
632FeatureClosedNormalAdd features section to Sunstone wizardsHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
631BugClosedNormalLibvirt does not honor target attribute for disks05/08/2013 08:58 PM
630BugClosedNormalIM ssh driver fails to report poll error if the host is unreachableJavi Fontan08/30/2011 09:25 AM
628BugClosedNormaloneimage register does not work from a remote hostJavi Fontan05/11/2011 01:44 AM
627BugClosedNormalOpenNebula cannot be compiled without sqlite libsJavi Fontan05/10/2011 01:53 PM
622FeatureClosedNormalImprove the template representation in SunstoneHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
621FeatureClosedNormalDynamic CPU load for VMs12/28/2013 08:56 PM
620BugClosedNormalLdap authentication does not correctly generate new usersOpenNebula Systems Support Team05/09/2011 12:52 PM
619FeatureClosedNormalDon't hardcode the path to ssh private key in oneauthJavi Fontan11/30/2011 11:14 AM
618RequestClosedNormalecone EC2_SECRET_KEY sha1 instead of plainDaniel Molina07/11/2011 02:55 PM
617BugClosedNormalimpossible condition in the ebtables hookJaime Melis05/09/2011 06:53 PM fails to uninstall some files in system-wide modeJavi Fontan09/15/2011 04:18 PM
615BugClosedNormalonevm shows a stopped VM assigned to a HostDaniel Molina08/30/2011 04:59 PM
614BacklogClosedLowSupply a ganglia module for monitoring without using cron+gmetric12/26/2013 11:15 PM
613BugClosedNormalChanging default -vga parameter given to KVM05/08/2013 08:58 PM
612FeatureClosedNormalWhen a quota is reached requesting a VM, the error message should be more explicitJavi Fontan05/06/2011 04:23 PM
611BugClosedNormalVMware Disk driver shouldn't have a mandatory default valueTino Vázquez05/12/2011 02:06 PM
610FeatureClosedNormalCheck if Sunstone port is being used by a different serviceHector Sanjuan05/16/2011 01:58 PM
609BugClosedNormalAdd gem bin/ folder to PATH by default in SunstoneDaniel Molina09/08/2011 01:42 PM
608BugClosedNormalSunstone show "undefined" when image is in lock stateHector Sanjuan05/13/2011 03:25 PM
607FeatureClosedNormalAdd edit option to object's internal templatesCarlos Martín07/12/2011 02:07 PM
605BacklogPendingNormalMake mm_sched behave more like a daemon05/13/2013 10:15 PM
602FeatureClosedNormalImprove Ranged/Fixed Network definitionCarlos Martín12/14/2011 11:05 AM
601FeatureClosedNormalAdd custom variables to sunstone wizardHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
600FeatureClosedNormalAuto-scape " in the requirements/rank fieldsHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
599RequestClosedNormalSupport one_auth operations in SunstoneHector Sanjuan05/09/2013 04:29 PM
598BugClosedNormalUnits of size of storage reported differently from value setTino Vázquez05/09/2011 03:12 PM
597BugClosedNormalBug in XMLUtils when not using the NOKOGIRI gemTino Vázquez05/17/2011 02:51 PM does not copy vmm_sh conf filesJavi Fontan07/05/2011 05:30 PM
595FeatureClosedNormalSupport locally initiated migrationJavi Fontan07/01/2011 11:49 AM
594BugClosedNormalfailed to restart vm05/08/2013 08:55 PM
593BugClosedNormalVMware Addon installer should copy on the var directory as wellTino Vázquez05/09/2011 03:27 PM
592BugClosedNormalSave_as failure creates an empty imageCarlos Martín07/21/2011 10:43 AM
591FeatureClosedNormalDB Versioning and migration toolCarlos Martín07/19/2011 04:05 PM
590BugClosedNormalImage registration time in Sunstone not corresponding to CLI timesHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
589FeatureClosedNormal[patch] Add support for LibVirt network-filterRuben S. Montero06/29/2011 11:19 AM
588FeatureClosedLowAbility to specify boot order for VM06/07/2013 08:08 AM
587BugClosedNormalSelect items should be added if user is owner, whether they are published or notHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
586BugClosedNormalSunstone add Disk type/source/size/format relationsHector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
585BugClosedNormalhost_error.rb hook should use the -2 flagTino Vázquez05/09/2011 03:41 PM
584FeatureClosedLowSunstone Host monitoring confusing "init" Hector Sanjuan05/11/2011 03:58 PM
583BugClosedNormalonehost sync does not work04/21/2011 09:37 PM
582BugClosedNormalno error message if mysql used on version compiled without mysql support05/08/2013 08:53 PM
581FeatureClosedNormalBetter support for EC2 availability zonesDaniel Molina04/23/2012 09:07 AM
580BugClosedHigh-bash: oneimage: command not found04/28/2011 04:19 PM
579BugClosedNormalError: mkfs Image: in mkfs command. when mkfs is not in $PATH04/28/2011 04:05 PM
578FeatureClosedNormalInstanciate multiple copies of a VM at once in sunstoneHector Sanjuan07/26/2011 09:10 AM
577FeatureClosedNormalInstanciate multiple copies of a VM at once in onevmJavi Fontan07/05/2011 04:56 PM
576BugClosedNormalThe core does not check monitoring dataRuben S. Montero05/08/2011 12:15 AM
575FeatureClosedNormalImprove Error ReportingJavi Fontan07/04/2011 11:35 AM
574BugClosedNormalSunstone Image.delete action callback should not call ShowHector Sanjuan04/12/2011 01:41 PM
573FeatureClosedNormalAuto-include user plugins in Sunstone index.htmlJaime Melis06/24/2011 02:32 PM
572BugClosedNormalImprove Exception choiche for Client class in Java OCA.Carlos Martín07/12/2011 02:03 PM
571BugClosedNormalDocumentation should advise to use the Host's NAME instead of HOSTNAMECarlos Martín09/20/2011 10:00 AM
569BacklogClosedLowSupport for Nagios with the Information manager03/03/2015 10:56 PM
568BugClosedNormalVM poll cannot handle multiple NICsJavi Fontan09/12/2011 02:16 PM
567BugClosedNormalVmm polling error - Error monitoring VM, Error executing sudo /usr/sbin/xentop -bi2Javi Fontan09/01/2011 03:31 PM
566BugClosedNormalPool Objects reuse deleted idsCarlos Martín05/13/2011 03:25 PM
565FeatureClosedNormalSupport onetemplate command in sunstoneHector Sanjuan04/26/2011 01:42 PM
564FeatureClosedNormalSupport VNC sessions from the Sunstone interfaceHector Sanjuan06/16/2011 05:07 PM
563BugClosedNormalGanglia VM monitoring VMID bugJavi Fontan04/13/2011 02:16 PM
562BugClosedNormalBug in Ganglia documentationJavi Fontan04/13/2011 02:30 PM
561BugClosedNormalArgumentError when executing host_error.rbTino Vázquez05/16/2011 02:53 PM
560BugClosedHighSunstone crashes when adding/updating a VM images attributeHector Sanjuan04/06/2011 10:51 AM
559BugClosedNormalCustom Disk and Network attributes shouldn't be overwrittenCarlos Martín05/07/2011 12:06 AM
558BugClosedNormalCluster.removeHost action missing destination elementsHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:31 PM
557BugClosedLowDo not notify host list refreshHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:27 PM
556BugClosedHighActions on elements in page >1 cause undefined objectsHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:24 PM
555BugClosedNormalSelecting disk type 'none' after selecting other type does not reset previous fieldsHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:30 PM
554BugClosedNormalCreation actions notification shows [object object] as parameterHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:29 PM
553FeatureClosedNormalAdd cache option to disk definition.Ruben S. Montero05/08/2011 12:53 AM
552FeatureClosedNormalAdd a user authenticate XML-RPC methodDaniel Molina07/19/2011 03:59 PM
551FeatureClosedNormalImprove Suntone notification when param is emptyHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:39 PM
550RequestClosedNormalSupport control groups in RHEL-6Ruben S. Montero07/06/2012 11:14 AM
549FeatureClosedHighSupport onevm saveas and resubmit in SunstoneHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:32 PM
548FeatureClosedNormalmake sunstone location independent (usefull for proxying)Hector Sanjuan04/19/2016 03:26 PM
547FeatureClosedNormalImprove add network in Sunstone wizard (filter)Hector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:25 PM
546BugClosedHigherror EndOfFile for ttylinux image03/31/2011 01:25 PM
545BugClosedHighSunstone VMs boot is always set to hdHector Sanjuan03/25/2011 10:32 AM
544FeatureClosedNormalImprove sunstone selects options and updateHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:26 PM
543FeatureClosedNormalImprove check all handling in sunstoneHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:30 PM
542BugClosedLowFault Tolerance Hooks - error state declarationJaime Melis03/24/2011 07:00 PM
541BugClosedNormalOCCI API should return 403 Forbidden when the user cannot be authenticated, instead of 404 Not FoundTino Vázquez05/16/2011 05:12 PM
540BugClosedNormalNumeric context variable causes undefined templateRuben S. Montero05/08/2011 12:25 AM
539FeatureClosedNormalCheck Request consistencyCarlos Martín09/05/2011 11:14 AM
538FeatureClosedNormalMultiple boot devices for VMsJavi Fontan11/21/2013 10:19 AM
537BugClosedNormalSunstones is generating the Context as a unique stringHector Sanjuan03/24/2011 02:29 PM
532RequestClosedNormalSupport for treating VM clock time differently05/08/2013 08:51 PM
531BugClosedNormalWrong Authorization when using multiple objects (disks, networks)OpenNebula Systems Support Team03/14/2011 05:43 PM
530FeatureClosedNormalPass information of resources for HooksRuben S. Montero05/13/2011 02:25 PM
529BugClosedLowIt is possible to add an image when none has been selected in the VM creation wizardHector Sanjuan04/07/2011 12:26 PM
528BugClosedNormalSunstone server not copying the image path on image creationDaniel Molina03/14/2011 03:42 PM

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