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5531BugClosedNormal vCenter VM/Template Disks pointing to the same image are not correctly identifiedSergio Semedi11/03/2017 10:12 AM
5458BugClosedNormalImport datastores without any vcenter clusterSergio Semedi10/19/2017 02:59 PM
5419BugClosedNormalProtected info_all method does respond_to? in Ruby 1.909/28/2017 03:03 PM
5418BugClosedNormalVcenter automatic_vlan_id does not workSergio Semedi10/30/2017 09:57 AM
5413BugClosedNormalvCenter VM can have different NIC MAC than requestedSergio Semedi10/31/2017 11:19 AM
5412FeatureClosedNormalBetter error messages in get_dc functionJaime Melis09/27/2017 02:33 PM
5409BugClosedNormalvCenter drivers cosume too much time searching for objectsJavi Fontan09/26/2017 04:48 PM
5379BugClosedNormalRemove trailing slashes in VCENTER_DS_IMAGE_DIRSergio Semedi09/22/2017 02:52 PM
5371BugClosedNormalimprove consistency of networks created when importing templates and wildsJaime Melis09/19/2017 02:27 PM
5369BugClosedNormalVcenter import wild: wait until the selected machine reach safe state Sergio Semedi10/06/2017 08:54 AM
5367BugClosedNormalvCenter customizations doesn't workSergio Semedi10/06/2017 08:54 AM
5342BugClosedNormaldetach disks are not being delete if vm is running09/06/2017 08:56 AM
5333BugClosedNormaldetach disk is not being properly applied09/06/2017 08:57 AM
5288BugClosedNormalSupport spaces in VMDK names and dirnamesJaime Melis09/05/2017 04:32 PM
5286BugClosedNormalvCenter VM NICs pointing to the same network are not correctly identifiedSergio Semedi10/30/2017 09:58 AM
5285BugClosedNormalSkip vCenter VApps when importing templates as they are not supportedJaime Melis09/11/2017 03:32 PM
5247FeatureClosedNormalWild VMs should import NICs and DisksTino Vázquez10/27/2017 10:07 AM
5246BugClosedNormalWrong import of vCenter VM Templates with NICs in Distributed vSwitches or Distributed PortsTino Vázquez09/08/2017 09:04 AM
5207FeatureClosedHighResize vCenter disks when the VM is in PoweroffMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/29/2017 01:31 PM
5196BugClosedHighvCenter NICs attached or detached are not reflected on CONTEXT after the VM is deployed06/26/2017 08:08 AM
5195BugClosedNormalRace condition when VMs statistics are gathered from vCenter and a VM is deletedMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/16/2017 08:46 AM
5193FeatureClosedNormal vCenter documentation. Missing info or corrections requiredMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/15/2017 07:28 AM
5190FeatureClosedNormalDo not import Datastores that are not shared between all ESX in clusterMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/15/2017 07:28 AM
5185FeatureClosedNormalvCenter import improvementMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo07/07/2017 10:08 AM
5182BugClosedNormalvcenter migrator and premigrator failingJaime Melis07/18/2017 09:26 AM
5169BugClosedHighvCenter VM cannot be resumed from poweroff after a hard disk was attached due to "Failed to lock the file"05/26/2017 05:18 AM
5097BugClosedSponsoredSkip resources during import if no permissions available06/08/2017 09:11 AM
5091BugClosedNormalFixed type Default Resource Pool set in template VM template is not used for resource pool decisionsMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/08/2017 09:11 AM
5078BugClosedNormalvCenter monitorization should not send duplicated monitoring dataJaime Melis06/08/2017 09:12 AM
5077BugClosedNormalCloned VM is not removed from vcenter datastore with Recover -> Delete if it hasn't been deployed sucessfully onceMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo03/24/2017 12:21 PM
5074FeatureClosedNormalAutomatically add VNC settings to vCenter VMs at import timeMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo04/13/2017 08:42 AM
5048FeatureClosedSponsoredWhen importing resources in vCenter, they should be assigned to the OpenNebula cluster where the host is locatedRuben S. Montero06/13/2017 09:23 AM
5045BugClosedNormalsnapshot in vCenter fails when snapshot takes too long06/08/2017 09:14 AM
5034BugClosedNormalvCenter sessions are left openMIGUEL ANGEL ALVAREZ CABRERIZO03/23/2017 03:48 PM
5000FeatureClosedNoneAttaching a new CDROM ISO should work even though a CDROM is not already present in the VM06/08/2017 09:43 AM
4999FeatureClosedNormalAdd support for spaces in names for Clusters, VMDK file names and datastoresMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/12/2017 11:10 AM
4996BugClosedNormalvCenter contextualization volatibilityMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/08/2017 09:18 AM
4990BugClosedNormalimporting network on vcenter with vlan doesn't report the vlan idSergio Semedi10/06/2017 01:48 PM
4943BugClosedNormalFix NETTX and NETRX negative values, polling time and accumulate values for vCenter11/29/2016 09:02 AM
4942BugClosedNormalCannot import two vCenter datastores with the same name in different datacentersMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo04/02/2017 12:52 PM
4941FeatureClosedNormalRevisit DS and network relation to cluster in vCenter integration06/08/2017 09:45 AM
4940FeatureClosedNormalDifferentiate at import time between regular DS and Storage PodsMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo03/31/2017 08:21 AM
4928BugClosedNormalCannot import two vCenter networks with the same name in two clustersMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo01/13/2017 04:43 PM
4922FeatureClosedNormalEnhance network management in vCenterMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/13/2017 06:46 AM
4921FeatureClosedNormalstore snapshot name, not snapshot id as the name for the vcenter snapshotsMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo04/12/2017 07:53 AM
4919FeatureClosedLowImplement onevm save for vCenterTino Vázquez07/07/2017 10:09 AM
4918FeatureClosedNormalGuide on how to upload vmdks in vCenterTino Vázquez06/13/2017 03:51 PM
4915FeatureClosedNormalRegenerate the context of in vCenter on every resume06/08/2017 09:19 AM
4913FeatureClosedNormalEnhance vCenter Storage managementMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo07/07/2017 10:10 AM
4912BugClosedNormalDISK is not removed from vCenter when detach is done in POWEROFF stateMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo02/22/2017 04:42 PM
4903BugClosedNormalCannot resume a Powered-off VM if a NIC was hot-pluggedMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo11/08/2016 09:30 AM
4897BugClosedNormalNIC is not removed from vCenter when detach is done in POWEROFF stateMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo01/13/2017 04:44 PM
4872BugClosedNormalvCenter :: Error when create Empty Disk ImageMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo11/05/2016 09:19 PM
4866RequestClosedNormalRestrict creation of non-persistent VMs03/28/2017 03:58 PM
4836BugClosedNormalDocument network requirements ESXTino Vázquez07/12/2017 04:11 PM
4829BugClosedNormalvCenter :: Remain VM directory after terminate VM03/28/2017 11:24 AM
4825FeatureClosedNormalFull vCenter storage managementTino Vázquez11/10/2016 06:42 PM
4823FeatureClosedNormalFolder to organize the VMsMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo01/16/2017 04:56 PM
4791FeatureClosedHighBetter explain DATASTORE and RESOURCEPOOL selection as USER INPUTSTino Vázquez07/07/2017 10:11 AM
4789BacklogClosedNormalvCenter :: Choose the best Host for initial VM placement04/13/2017 09:26 AM
4788FeatureClosedNormalvCenter :: VM Datastore initial placement09/29/2016 11:20 AM
4766BugClosedNormalvCenter customization info is missing from documentationMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/13/2017 07:51 AM
4755RequestClosedNormalDisk resize at runtime01/13/2017 02:31 PM
4753FeatureClosedNormalDisk resize at boot time06/08/2017 09:22 AM
4749BugClosedNormalUnauthorized NIC add11/08/2016 11:53 AM
4739BugClosedNormalvCenter: Guestinfo reconfiguration while the VM makes it unable to start againJavi Fontan09/05/2016 10:34 AM
4699BugClosedHighVcenter does not honor vmm_exec_vcenter.confMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo06/08/2017 09:22 AM
4696BugClosedHighOneGate token is not being properly generatedJaime Melis09/05/2016 10:25 AM
4693BugClosedNormalvlan_id is only imported for networks of type DistributedVirtualPortgroup04/13/2017 09:39 AM
4687BugClosedNormalUploading gzip files with no tar in vcenter DS should fail gracefullyMIGUEL ANGEL ALVAREZ CABRERIZO10/10/2016 08:51 AM
4686FeatureClosedNormalImplement Rollback for VM reconfiguration for poweroff10/17/2016 09:13 AM
4685BugClosedNormalVLAN_ID range in vCenter drivers should use VLAN_TAGGED_ID10/05/2016 02:34 PM
4648BugClosedNormalDelete VMs in poweroff leaves disks in datastoreJaime Melis06/12/2017 11:18 AM
4647FeatureClosedNormalAdd network monitoring to vCenter driversMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo10/14/2016 11:14 AM
4630FeatureClosedSponsoredAllow snapshots for poweroff VMs (vCenter)06/08/2017 09:25 AM
4609BugClosedSponsoredvCenter drivers does not disconect sessions02/23/2017 05:49 PM
4608BugClosedNormalvCenter shutdown VM does not work if CDROM attachedTino Vázquez06/30/2016 01:59 PM
4607FeatureClosedHighcontrol panel port redirection Jaime Melis07/31/2017 02:57 PM
4584FeatureClosedNormalAdd support for SDRS clustered vCenter datastoresMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo01/13/2017 04:42 PM
4581BugClosedNormalAttach disk in poweroff brokenTino Vázquez06/30/2016 01:54 PM
4574BugClosedNormalvCenter VMs VNC after stop/resume does not work06/08/2017 09:25 AM
4566BugClosedNormalvCenter storage Parameters missing in DS, Image and VMMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo03/31/2017 04:09 PM
4562BugClosedNormalImage upload fails in vCenterJavi Fontan06/13/2016 01:17 PM
4560BugClosedNormalAttach-nic reconfiguration failsJavi Fontan06/30/2016 02:06 PM
4559BugClosedNormalShutdown of a VM failsTino Vázquez06/13/2016 01:39 PM
4557BugClosedNormalVM Templates with extra disks fail in vCenterTino Vázquez06/10/2016 05:09 PM
4554BugClosedNormalSpaces in Resource Pool breaks monitoringTino Vázquez06/10/2016 04:35 PM
4550BugClosedNormalError registering CDROM in vcenterTino Vázquez09/21/2016 04:13 PM
4549FeatureClosedNormalDatastore names with spaces not supported06/08/2017 09:26 AM
4540BugClosedNormalSome imported images have SIZE 0Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo04/13/2017 08:59 AM
4539BugClosedNormalNew image creation fails for cdrom typeTino Vázquez06/10/2016 05:17 PM
4535BugClosedNormalvCenter Sunstone import for networks not workingTino Vázquez06/13/2016 12:56 PM
4524FeatureClosedNormalImported vcenter templates should have context activatedTino Vázquez06/08/2016 03:58 PM
4514BugClosedNormalSpaces not allowed in SOURCE image attribute09/04/2017 03:40 PM
4509BacklogClosedNormalEmpty vCenter datablocks should be on a separate folderMiguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo05/23/2017 03:03 PM
4508BugClosedNormalDisk space should not be checked on importing & registering vCenter images Tino Vázquez06/03/2016 02:35 PM
4432FeatureClosedNormalImplement dynamic reconfiguration in vCenterTino Vázquez05/06/2016 03:38 PM
4431BugClosedNormalMissing VMDKs and wrong size on vCenter importingTino Vázquez05/31/2016 02:38 PM
4418BugClosedNormal Image import list does not include all available imagesTino Vázquez04/15/2016 04:28 PM
4413BugClosedNormalvCenter attach disk fails with LSI Logic SAS AdapterTino Vázquez06/06/2016 05:22 PM

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