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4810BacklogPendingSponsoredAbility to restrict hypervisor from connecting to frontend via SSHOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4933BacklogPendingSponsoredEnhance Showback attributesOpenNebula Systems Support Team
2654BacklogPendingHighAggregated dashboard for different ZonesTino Vázquez
2695BacklogPendingHighAdd a zone status API call Ruben S. Montero
3406BacklogPendingHighCloudbursting to other OpenNebula instanceCarlos Martín
3752BacklogPendingHighattach nic and attach disk should read defaults from vmm_exec_*.confTino Vázquez
4307BacklogPendingHighSystem administrator provided dynamic costingRoy Keene
4356BacklogPendingHighWorkaround libvirt spurious monitoring errorOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5242BacklogPendingNormalHighlight states in resources (Host, vnets)Tino Vázquez
5422BacklogPendingNormaladd abstraction between the VM's domain names and OpenNebula's VM IDsAnton Todorov
3897BacklogPendingLowFHS: remotes in "/var/lib/one" instead of "/usr/lib/one"?Dmitry Smirnov
4798BacklogPendingLowSecurity groups should support deny rules (and ordering)John Noss
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2569BacklogPendingHighImprove DB storage needsCarlos Martín
4289BacklogPendingHighonedb patch should permit to apply several modifications in one passEOLE Team
4399BacklogPendingHighAdd VNC/Spice keymap option to the CLIGuillaume Oberlé
410BacklogPendingNormalask for confirmation on delete operationolivier sallou
1491BacklogPendingNormalAdd new columns to oneacct that require some processingCarlos Martín
1788BacklogPendingNormalAdd --format option to show commandsJavi Fontan
2372BacklogPendingNormalAllow to filter CLI output by hidden columnsCarlos Martín
2373BacklogPendingNormalAdd CLI list options to allow better parsingCarlos Martín
3797BacklogNewNormaloneflow and oneflow-template ignore the no_proxy environment variable Laurent Grawet
3942BacklogPendingNormalsnapshot CLI commands should be able to refer objects by nameJavi Fontan
4170BacklogPendingNormaldynamic column size of the cli tablesJaime Melis
5448BacklogPendingNormaladd entry with onedb change-bodyAnton Todorov
1569BacklogNewLowImprove CLI commands: Add autocomplete on tab featureCarlos Martín
2845BacklogPendingLowImprove fsck performanceCarlos Martín
3573BacklogPendingLowAdd a configuration file for cLIDaniel Dehennin
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3286BacklogPendingHighRUBY OCA to_hash returns inconsistant datatypesChris Cormier
3881BacklogPendingHighImplement rollback for VM Save To TemplateTino Vázquez
4089BacklogPendingHighImage uploads with OCABoris Parak
4846BacklogPendingHighresolve secondary group names in cli for oneuserMaximilian Raba-Streicher
4144BacklogNewNormalDepend onruby-mysql2 instead of ruby-mysqlRuben S. Montero
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4426BacklogNewSponsoredAllow Template reordering in Cloud ViewOpenNebula Systems Support Team
3116BacklogNewNormalShow log information for servicesDaniel Molina
3478BacklogPendingNormalAdd list of authorized/denied instance types/networks per templateDaniel Molina
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2028BacklogPendingHighMake virtual router appliance work with fixed virtual networksRuben S. Montero
1703BacklogPendingLowSeparate context scripts into early and late startJavi Fontan
1746BacklogPendingLowMake context package work on installation phaseJavi Fontan
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4595BacklogPendingSponsoredDisk resizing in while VM is runningOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4754BacklogPendingSponsoredAdd a quota for maximum indivual capacity settings per VMOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4759BacklogPendingSponsoredExtend pricing optionsDirk Estenfeld
4807BacklogPendingSponsoredsudo in sunstoneJohn Noss
4842BacklogNewSponsoredLimit the number of snapshots a user can maintain on each of their VMs OpenNebula Systems Support Team
4860BacklogPendingSponsoredMake it possible to dynamically change the mac and ip spoofing parameters and dynamically upgrade the network SGsOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5031BacklogPendingSponsoredusername login case insensitiveOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5055BacklogPendingSponsoredUpdateconf Graphics should generate a port if not specified.OpenNebula Systems Support Team
5317BacklogPendingSponsoredImprove Security Groups VM gropingOpenNebula Systems Support Team
470BacklogPendingHighMultiple Configuration Files for OpenNebulaRuben S. Montero
1615BacklogPendingHighAdd audit trail featuresCarlos Martín
1769BacklogPendingHighDecouple deploy and poweron actionsOpenNebula Systems Support Team
1815BacklogPendingHighUnattended run of install_gemsGiovanni Toraldo
2002BacklogNewHighAdjust CPU ratio on running instancesLaurent Grawet
2042BacklogPendingHighSupport graceful VM deletion from UNDEPLOYCarlos Martín
2402BacklogPendingHighKeep track of allocated storage in DSCarlos Martín
2412BacklogPendingHighAbility to lock VM from accidental actionsAndrey Perminov
2650BacklogPendingHighRe-read oned.conf on reloadStefan Kooman
2655BacklogPendingHighSupport for novnc token through xmlrpc api (i.e. one.vm.token/one.vm.novnctoken)Stefan Kooman
3042BacklogPendingHighHugepage backed memory support海涛 肖
3195BacklogPendingHighappmarket-worker for simple OVA import without a marketCarlo Daffara
3206BacklogPendingHighUse the same timezone in oneacct and sunstoneCarlos Martín
3210BacklogPendingHighExtend quota subsystemTino Vázquez
3211BacklogPendingHighEnable/disable specific features at API levelTino Vázquez
3219BacklogPendingHighset/change ethernet link stateCarlo Daffara
3298BacklogPendingHighSet the range to genrate VLAN-IDsRuben S. Montero
3379BacklogPendingHighAutomatically remove orphan entries from quota sectionKiran Ranjane
3388BacklogPendingHighVolatile disk persistencyolivier sallou
3403BacklogPendingHighAdd time frame to quotasCarlos Martín
3784BacklogPendingHighIP(v6) alias(es) supportStefan Kooman
3909BacklogPendingHighExpose advisory locks for VM, consider them in VM operationsRuben S. Montero
3954BacklogPendingHighOnline resize memory for VMStefan Kooman
4079BacklogNewHighImplement log rotate for all the opennebula servicesDaniel Molina
4190BacklogPendingHighExtend Showback to include storageTino Vázquez
4272BacklogPendingHighenable snapshot flatten for non-persistent disksAnton Todorov
4354BacklogPendingHighEnhance overcommitment configurationOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4420BacklogPendingHighAdd quota for VCPUBill Cole
4437BacklogPendingHighAutomatically create first initial snapshotEOLE Team
4479BacklogPendingHighLimit size of object documentsRuben S. Montero
4499BacklogPendingHighAdd and remove security group from a NICGuillaume Oberlé
4532BacklogPendingHighKeep a registration of "Keepalive ID / virtual_router_id" for Virtual Routers per virtual networkStefan Kooman
4709BacklogPendingHighDefault keyboard layout for vmYannick MOLINET
4720BacklogPendingHighVM save and instantiate to persistent let user choose datastores for imagesYannick MOLINET
4722BacklogPendingHighCustom hypervisor names for VMsRuben S. Montero
4740BacklogPendingHighAllow creation of "Empty disk image" for type OSStefan Kooman
4828BacklogPendingHighAllow to Save As a vm disk while the vm is in any state (such as undeployed)John Noss
4847BacklogPendingHighSwitch non-persistent image to maintainance mode for updateMaximilian Raba-Streicher
4880BacklogPendingHighAllow third party components to modify deployment file or configurationRuben S. Montero
4890BacklogPendingHighTry to avoid using disabled/offline hosts in storage BRIDGE_LISTTaavi K
5124BacklogPendingHighAdd support for iothreadsGerben Meijer
5125BacklogPendingHighSupport for VNC/SPICE autoport rather than tracking in OpenNebulaRoy Keene
5128BacklogPendingHighDefault quota setskvaps kvaps
5295BacklogPendingHighMake oned work with muslRuben S. Montero
5401BacklogPendingHighOpenNebula: Group of resourceskvaps kvaps
5470BacklogPendingHighMAke VM_*_OPERATIONS configurable at user and group levelOpenNebula Systems Support Team
1689BacklogPendingNormalAdd RVMs quota per clusterDaniel Molina
2030BacklogPendingNormalDisable usersRuben S. Montero
2043BacklogPendingNormalAdding MacVTap DriverTobias Honacker
2064BacklogPendingNormalSupport for Hooks an API callsJaime Melis
2117BacklogPendingNormalReference parameters within a contextSteffen Claus
2375BacklogPendingNormalAllow VMs to pull data from OneGateCarlos Martín
2531BacklogPendingNormalAdd support for DISK/RAW and NIC/RAWCarlos Martín
2549BacklogPendingNormalCheck image format compatibility Tino Vázquez
2584BacklogPendingNormalMake VM/RAW a restricted attribute by defaultCarlos Martín
2646BacklogPendingNormalVMs, CPU and MEMORY of STOPPED VMs are not deduced from users monitoringEOLE Team
2698BacklogPendingNormalAccept CLUSTER attribute for new vnet and ds templatesCarlos Martín
2768BacklogPendingNormalMultiple network interfaces supportTino Vázquez
2869BacklogPendingNormalAdd the ability to configure the CPU model exposed to KVM virtual machines.Vladislav Gorbunov
2981BacklogPendingNormalAllow group renamingTino Vázquez
3172BacklogPendingNormalonevnet updatear should have a --append optionCarlos Martín
3188BacklogPendingNormalAddress range size is limited to 32 bits it cannot deal with full 64 bits hostid's for IPv6Ruben S. Montero
3308BacklogNewNormalDRS-like functionality for vCenter clustersRuben S. Montero
3339BacklogPendingNormalmake images children of other images be subject to the same quotas of the parent imageJaime Melis
3542BacklogPendingNormalCommand to manage hooks without restarting OpenNebulaJaime Melis
3598BacklogPendingNormalExtend datastores functionality to leverage stateRuben S. Montero
3667BacklogPendingNormalAdd list of VDCs a group belongs toRuben S. Montero
3728BacklogPendingNormalDownloader does not quote URLsRoy Keene
3772BacklogNewNormalPROLOG_MIGRATE_*_FAILURE states recoveryRuben S. Montero
3833BacklogPendingNormalMake VCPU first class citizienNico Schottelius
3947BacklogPendingNormalImprove hybrid templatesTino Vázquez
4102BacklogPendingNormalAllow "CLONE" / "IMAGE_FLATTEN" / "REVERT" operations on VM disk in "POWEROFF" stateStefan Kooman
4116BacklogPendingNormalFull template support for VM TemplatesRuben S. Montero
4133BacklogPendingNormal(live) reschedule running VMs with migrate(live)Anton Todorov
4271BacklogPendingNormaladvanced Deploy of a VM to different SYSTEM_DS after UndeployAnton Todorov
4311BacklogPendingNormalEnable showback for imported VMsOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4397BacklogNewNormalExtend list of supported actions for VMM/TM/DS driversRuben S. Montero
4434BacklogPendingNormalAPI: Return warnings and relevant messages for success operationsCarlos Martín
4705BacklogPendingNormalCheck disk capacity when running migrating --enforceOpenNebula Systems Support Team
4713BacklogPendingNormalAdd command to move imageYannick MOLINET
4776BacklogPendingNormalResize images in READY (not used) stateKristian Feldsam
4795BacklogPendingNormalIf a file in files datastore is required by a vm, don't allow deletionJohn Noss
4814BacklogPendingNormalAllow multiple options for images in vm templatesJohn Noss
5030BacklogPendingNormalVM Instantiate as Persistent - allow disk size changeKristian Feldsam
5049BacklogPendingNormalIncrease size of quota values to prevent overflowsRuben S. Montero
5086BacklogNewNormalAllow system snapshots in poweroff stateOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5087BacklogPendingNormalRecover --failure from BOOT_STOPPED_FAILURE should trigger TM_EPILOG and go to STOPPEDOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5092BacklogPendingNormalSecurity Control EnhancementOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5127BacklogPendingNormalImages disks quotakvaps kvaps
5167BacklogPendingNormalsunstone lacks management of VM's security groupsArnaud Abélard
5315BacklogPendingNormaladd disk snapshots as scheduled/periodic actionArnaud Abélard
5462BacklogPendingNormalImplement a find by criteria for OpenNebula resourcesOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5485BacklogPendingNormalExtend ShowBack cost model to other resourcesOpenNebula Systems Support Team
5487BacklogPendingNormalMake *_RESTRICTED_ATTR configurable at user and group levelkvaps kvaps
5495BacklogPendingNormalMigrate single VM disks across datastoresRuben S. Montero
5497BacklogNewNormalLet drivers update on the progress of an operationRuben S. Montero
675BacklogPendingLowAdd enable/disable functionality for TemplatesDaniel Molina
951BacklogPendingLowBare metal management of hosts for OpenNebula Ruben S. Montero
1270BacklogPendingLowDynamic CPU and memory hotplugSylvain Baubeau
1272BacklogPendingLowVerification Tests prior creation within OpenNebulaTino Vázquez
1328BacklogPendingLowAdd new VMEMORY attribute to do overcommitment as VCPUTino Vázquez
1783BacklogPendingLowcreate hooks for API actions on network and image resourcesJaime Melis
2026BacklogPendingLowAdding metrics to OpenNebula CoreSimon Boulet
2112BacklogPendingLowPer-datastore DEFAULT_IMAGE_TYPERuben S. Montero
2242BacklogPendingLowOpenNebula shouldn't need database creation permission in mysqlJavi Fontan
2338BacklogPendingLowmake VM listing scale betterFelix Schüren
2340BacklogPendingLowfilter VM listing server-sideFelix Schüren
2374BacklogPendingLowHooks for Document resourcesCarlos Martín
2634BacklogPendingLowSnapshot-delete action / retention policy in SunstoneKiran Ranjane
1475BacklogPendingNoneDuplicated code and failure to use a single environment configuration fileJavi Fontan
2024BacklogPendingNoneSet the engine for mysqlRuben S. Montero
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3633BacklogPendingSponsoredDocument the use of complex placement maps in CephRuben S. Montero
2627BacklogPendingNormalWarn if DISK/NIC are using both IMAGE_ID || IMAGE && IMAGE_UNAMEDaniel Molina
2841BacklogPendingNormalProvide XSD files for _all_ xmlrpc request (not only one.*.info) to enable validationStefan Kooman
2929BacklogPendingNormalGroup datastore documentation by purposeRuben S. Montero
3083BacklogPendingNormalImprove compatibility documentation of the new onegateJaime Melis
3602BacklogPendingNormalDocument required ports for OpenNebula services to set up firewallsJaime Melis
4091BacklogPendingNormalDeveloper Scheduler DocsBoris Parak
1725BacklogPendingLowSunstone to allow folder uploadTino Vázquez
2021BacklogPendingLowAdd an delete-on-termination for automatically deleting images on VM terminationSimon Boulet
  Drivers - Auth 7 Collapse all/Expand all
2797BacklogPendingHighEnable more than one auth method per user.Javi Fontan
3015BacklogPendingHighMulti (domain) LDAP authentication supportStefan Kooman
3482BacklogPendingHighTLS LDAP does not support STARTTLSEOLE Team
4078BacklogPendingHighTwo Step AuthenticationRuben S. Montero
4808BacklogPendingHighadd ability to pre-populate user accounts from ldapJohn Noss
1925BacklogPendingNormalAllow ssh connection using ssh agentJean-Philippe Garcia Ballester
3161BacklogPendingLowPopulate LDAP users before they connectEOLE Team
  Drivers - Monitor 10 Collapse all/Expand all
2626BacklogPendingHighMonitor datastores IOEOLE Team
3059BacklogPendingHighnew monitoring attributesDrazen Ferencic
3871BacklogPendingHighUUID for disk attachJimmy Goffaux
3873BacklogNewHighImprove NET_TX, NET_RX metricsRuben S. Montero
2427BacklogPendingNormalDerive flush value from MONITOR_PUSH_INTERVAL from oned.confRuben S. Montero
3375BacklogPendingNormalImprove kvm im error messagesCarlos Martín
3523BacklogPendingNormalStoring real CPU utilization (accounting record)Boris Parak
4149BacklogPendingNormalMake cloudwatch metrics configurableTino Vázquez
5372BacklogPendingNormalOption to not store monitoring data to the DBMariano Guezuraga
5494BacklogPendingNormalUse cgroup capacity to report CPU/Memory values of hostsRuben S. Montero
  Drivers - Network 10 Collapse all/Expand all
2919BacklogPendingHighMake 802.1q tagged bridge only if VLAN identifier is greater than 1Vladislav Gorbunov
3181BacklogPendingHighIPv6 hijacking preventionStefan Kooman
3250BacklogPendingHighImplement Security Groups for Open vSwitch Stefan Kooman
3480BacklogPendingHighMAC spoofing rule does not filter ARP trafficRuben S. Montero
3866BacklogPendingHighSpecify IP ranges using masksJavi Fontan
3868BacklogPendingHighEnable network spoofing filter by defaultJavi Fontan
3982BacklogPendingHighSupport for openvswitch tagged only portStefan Kooman
4843BacklogPendingHighAdd bandwidth limit to SRIOV network interfacesRuben S. Montero
2348BacklogPendingNormalAdd static MAC address to Daniel Dehennin
4920BacklogPendingNormalimplement security groups in vCenterJaime Melis
  Drivers - Storage 22 Collapse all/Expand all
2737BacklogPendingSponsoredConsider Storage allocation USED vs ALLOCATED datastore capacityBoris Parak
4893BacklogPendingSponsoredAllow VMs with disks in different system datastoresOpenNebula Systems Support Team
660BacklogPendingHightm_ssh with local image cacheKrzysztof Pawlik
1821BacklogPendingHighAdd support for NetApp flex clone operationTino Vázquez
2324BacklogPendingHighCheck if RBD volume exits prior to creation (HA Hook)Ruben S. Montero
2767BacklogPendingHighQcow2 preallocation featuresBastien Cadiot

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